Irish Army retires 25 pdr guns

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by big_mad_ejit, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Piece in the Irish Independent website today, the Irish Army fires its 25 pounder guns for the last time.

    I was under the impression that the 25pdr had been replaced by 105mm howitzers in PDF artillery regiments several years ago and that these had been passed on to FCA/RDF regiments. Or is it the RDF ones that are being retired?
  2. Will a land rover tow one? Think they'll fetch much at auction? :)
  3. I remember them at McKee barracks,Dublin in the early 1990's, They were definately used by the F.C.A. There were two batterys there, one 25 pdr, the other mortars.
  4. I'd put a bid in. I think one would look good in my back yard - discouragement of intruders, for the use of.

    Almost a decade before that - back when I was 25 years younger and about 6 stone lighter - I often spent my weekends running around McKee Barracks attempting to get the drills right on the Brandt 81mm mortar. Used to watch artillery lads training on their 120mm mortars. Have to admit to suffering a bit of mortar envy.
  5. The PDF have only been using the 25pdr for ceremonial shoots for a good while
  6. In the late 60's I fired the 25pdr on annual camp with the ACF.
  7. two batterys both fired the 120mm 17th and 19th batterys some good lads
  8. Why not transfer the 120s to the infantry and let the gunners get on with their business of blowing shit up way wayyyyyyy back from the shit ?
  9. We Brits got our monies worth out of them too. I did my basic gunnery course on 25pdr's at JLRRA in 1985 and I seem to recall the HAC had them well in to the late 1980's. Also remember polishing the one in the middle of the roundabout between the Guardroom and RHQ at Topcliffe for being 'naughty' on several occasions.
  10. Less of polishing your shiny end and more of the question at hand -
    Irish 120s - let the grunts carry on and expand their ability or
    deprive an irish dropshort of the chance to wwork on an 105 because he is stuck with a 120 ?
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    Already got one thank you

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