Irish Army Ranger Wing to succeed SAS in Helmand.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Walt.R.Greenjacket, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. There are increasing stories that the Irish Army Ranger Wing is preparing to send 150 men along with 150 Swedish SF to Helmand in October.

    They are to be attached to American SF and the combined unit is expected to replace approx 1,000 British SAS who are to be withdrawn with the entire main British contingent from Helmand by December.

    This apparently is a well-advanced plan and anticipates a possible scenario of a conservative/Lib.Dem Coalition.
  2. 1000 SAS?
  3. Increasing stories ? from where ?

    150 men in the ARW ? since when ?
  4. So 300 guys are going to replace 1000?

    And since when do we have 1000 SAS?

    And... and.... and.... and

    I can't be bothered any more. Some things are just too easy to mock...
  5. [Apologies, that should read British SAS/Special Forces Group.

    1000 SAS?[/quote]
  6. Erm, who's giving you these stories? The voices in your head?
    1000 SAS? Withdrawal of British forces from Helmand by Dec?

    FFS, I'm a life-long civvie who's never been closer to Afghanistan than a ten day holiday in Greece and I can spot the double-decker-bus-sized holes in this 'story'.

    WRGJ, you're a bluffer and a sh!t one at that. Do one, and only come back when you've got some real news or a genuine contribution please.

    Edited to add: WRGJ - usual form when posting a story like this is to give a link or some secondary source to back it up. Otherwise it's just appears like "Here's some stuff I made up".
  7. maybe what people are getting confused with is the re-role of Uk personnel from Helmand to somewhere else in Afgahniland - although this is still a spurous (sp) storey at best from the Yanky doodles!!!
  8. Ah, will ya be taking the piss there Mr taliban man?

  9. 1000 "Them" coming home will there be any room when they get back, their barracks must be filled to overflowing already
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: you been reading from the same books as Auxie
  11. Feck, this is getting old.

    It all stems from questions asked in Dail about the status of DF personnel in Afghanistan. Seeing as nobody in the airsoft community knew anything about an Irish military presence there an inverse Occams Razor was applied and it was assumed that it must be related to the O'Them.

    A seven man liaison team with ISAF in Kabul under the auspices of PfP isn't nearly as exciting.
  12. The first link is here, and there is a big story due next week in the Irish Independent also

  13. I looked at the link, but I'm not seeing a reference to the Ranger Wing. Or any reference to potential deployment location.
  14. It's true that the DF have been looking for a job since the holidays in Chad have been cancelled, but between sunny Goz Beida and RC-S we are not exactly looking at the same kind of reckon the Republic is ready for the body bags ?