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Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by stameen_s, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick "heads up". This Wednesday (4th of May), 1900-2000 GMT on RTE Radio One is a documentary on an irish Army recruit platoon which was made during their training at Gormanston Camp. Should be online at Realplayer needed.
  2. Which year might that be in then?
    My calender for this May says Weds is the 3rd and Thurs is the 4th, im confused.
    (Are will still one day behind in Ireland? I've been living in Britain for so long now)
  3. My apologies, bank holiday messed me mind up!:)

    Wednesday May 3rd 2006.
  4. Are you sure now?
  5. Grand
    At least that is sorted now, im out on both days anyways.
  6. I heard this previewed on RTE Radio One this morning. I was on my bike cycling to work but I'm sure that they said it was on tomorrow evening.
  7. Can't wait to hear all the whingers complaining about their recruit training being too hard. Gobshites the lot of em.
  8. Go on, go on, go on, go on......
  9. Correct. Yesterday's Sunday Times had an article on this - apparently the recruits were shouted at and rude words were used.... 8O
  10. Fair enough some civvy's aren't used to the sudden shock of getting yelled at, that I can understand but as one of them put it

    “I’m getting out of here. You’re treated like slaves. My head is wrecked taking orders, They treat you like shite, man. Fair enough taking orders, but give us a break"

    WTF was the f*ckwit expecting?
  11. LOLOL what were they expecting really FFS. "ok guys, we'll just ignore how we've done it for so long, and if your up to the challenge, we'd like you to suggest another way of us kicking your arses into shape!

    (When I said kicking, it was meant in the descriptive manner and at no time was intended as a means of phyical abuse or incentive...cos we wouldn't wan't to get sued) :wink:
  12. Feck me is that kip still open? I thought it had been turned into a reception/leisure/therapy centre for asylum seekers several years ago.
  13. That was Mosney (Butlins) just down the road