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Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by bloodgroup_o+, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Alright guys/lassies, hope I find you well. Just a wee post to enquire how your lifestyle is as a soldier in the Irish army,as a private or JNCO. I know you are having hard times over there and myself and some of my collegues are really struggling to get by on our wages, and it made me wonder how you guys are managing. I considered joining the IDF when I was younger and to be honest after conversations with my OH I still do consider making the move over, as I plan to retire to Kildare as soon as possible anyway and I just wonder now if it would be possible financially. Cheers
  2. I'm no expert but I think you'll find the one thing the Eire army is not doing at the moment is recruiting.
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  4. Aye I know they're not, apparently it's the same with the Gardai, I know they are feeling things a lot worse just now I was over in June. I just wondered how your unifromed blokes get on compared to over here thats all. Cheers
  5. Bloodgroup
    Stick with the micks for a while..the government are laying off civil servants left right and chelsea Recruiting will be a while off
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  6. Bloodgroup

    If you want to keep up to speed of recruiting or any other issues with the defence forces , there is a site that is the equivalent of aarse , its called : irish military online
  7. If your talking about retiring, you are too old to join the DF (even the Reserves).

    There is very limited recruitment to any part of the Irish public service (including the DF) but the only redundancies in any part of the public service (and I think it is more voluntary early retirements) have been voluntary ones. There are plenty of people leaving and not being replaced!

    About a year ago the Government introduced a levy on public service pensions (basically a contribution to their pension) which hit hard on top of the income levy (tax on having a job) and reduced tax credits. There are now a lot of public servants that qualify for the Family Income Supplement.
  8. Cheers buddy I'll check that out. I am not in the Micks I'm a Jock and in a Scottish unit, just whenever I'm over there visiting the family I never want to come back!! It's just a possible change for the future I wasn't thinking of trying anytime soon like. It was just a general thought I had that the lads and lassies on the ground must be feeling the economy more than we are here.
  9. Hi mate, I am decades off retirement age, I am in my early 20's but with the way the gubment is screwing the pensions I am trying tae plan well ahead, and I find it harder to leave Eire every time I'm over despite being a weegie and a bluenose at that, but I love my job and the only other career which interests me is civpol so if we made the move one day it would be two paths I'd have an interest in.

    Cheers for the insight into the situation there though it was just a genuine wonder I had watching things the last time I was over, but didn't bump into any DF to ask how they were getting on.

    Hope yer all getting through it though!
  10. the Irish Army will be recruiting 480 soldiers in the coming months however - you might want to read this before you think of jumping ship:

    source: Defence out of step as hundreds of posts filled - The Irish Times - Mon, Nov 07, 2011

    as an Irish lad who left Dublin to join the British Army - although i love the place i have absolutely no intention ever to settle back there.
  11. What do the Irish Army do all day? There is no threat and they are not engaged in any expeditionary conflicts.

    Even if Ireland is threatened with invasion their government surrenders by going neutral.

    The Irish Army Officers I have come across as UNMOs seem to enjoy the good life and appear to avoid anything that would bring them remotely near a shot being fired in anger.

    In fact it must be the best army in the world come to think of it - i'm applying now!
  12. The Irish Army do the same as any other army day to day. They send troops on career courses, they conduct exercises and indulge in advanture training. One of their uses on a daily basis is assisting the civilian police force - the garda soichana by assisting in escorting some but not all cash shipments and can be used to escort terrorist prisoners. They also are the guard force for a prison that is used to house republican terrorists. Outside of the day to day routine they train for overseass deployments. They are currently serving in en masse on a UN tour in the Lebanon. They also have a commitment to the Nordic Battlegroup. As for expeditionary conflicts and their not being in danger - since 1978 they have lost 47 men in southern Lebanon during their various deployments there. Am sure the Irish army lads would be more than happy to accept your praise and best of luck in your application to serve with them.
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  13. Having served in the Irish Army and having met several people who served in both the Irish and British Army it would be fair to say that in regards to basic recruit training the Irish army syllabus would be very similar to the British Army's recruit training.

    Most of the Irish Defence forces tactics would be broadly based on that of the British army. The main difference would be in the area of military hardware available to the respective army's and military expenditure.

    When not overseas the Irish army has various aid to civil power commitments, such as guarding a high security prison, mostly full of hardened Republican prisoners and high profile criminals.
    Armed cash escorts in aid to the police service.
    General training and annual range practice as well as all other typical unit specific duties.

    Much the same as any other army really with the exception that Ireland do not officially participate in NATO led mission although they do have some observers within NATO commands.

    Also the Irish army are becoming more active in EUFOR missions, Chad would be an example of this as is the upcoming Mali mission that is expected to come online were they will likely be operating side by side with the British Armed forces.
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  14. Lifestyle of junior officers and JNCOs in 7th Infantry Battalion

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