Irish Army in Chad

The Irish Army took a brand new UAV to Chad, and sent it on it's first mission, but had not reprogramed it to the new location. It was last seen trying to find it's way back to the Curragh 2,990 miles away, but only had an endurance of 1 1/2 hrs. Air Force Monthly March 2009
Imshi-Yallah said:
Ho Hum,

I'm sure no one else has ever done anything similar.
Exactly right. It's the first time in the history of mankind. :D :D :D

Yer but it's still very funny
tropper66 said:
Yer but it's still very funny
your mothers moustache is even funnier

but none of us here had the bad manners to mention it

My bad
if your going to tell a story tell the full story
Unbeknownst to us their was a default mechanism on the craft that
if their was a recognised problem then the craft would return to a default
setting- When travelling inland across a barren roadless area the craft was jarred and the default return setting kicked in

it was never found- but the manufacturers warranty kicked in
and we received a brand new updated model which is now back in Chad.
For some reason I cant put the accident report on this thread but it is true honist
we all know what happened
and our knowledge is not gleamed from Air Force Monthly or the Daily Star
You however dont know the full story.
hedgie said:
we all know what happened
and our knowledge is not gleamed from Air Force Monthly or the Daily Star
You however dont know the full story.
Go on enlighten me
I told you aleady

but th eshort version

on the transport up from the coast on African roads the transport was jarred and the UAV was damaged internally

there was an unknown default mechanism on the UAV that in the event of damage it would return to its home base- ( The DFTC)

the self test system didnt detect a problem and the operators sent it up- the problem kicked in and the UAV
headed for home.
The manufacturers warranty kicked in and they replaced the UAV with a newer model
which is now flying around Chad.

Why did you think that was funny
Don't mind him Hedgie, look at his location - he's just a sore loser after Saturday!

(just to mention, to quote Max Boyce - "I was there!" :D )
Third-world UN mission struggles to keep peace
Irish troops are under threat in Chad as the region again descends into war and genocide, writes Jim Cusack

By Jim Cusack

Sunday May 10 2009

Since March 19, when the European mission to Chad and Darfur was handed over to the United Nations, news agencies have reported increased rebel activity and late last week were reporting the killing of civilians and the start of another refugee crisis. Last Thursday Irish troops were called on to help evacuate aid workers as the region tumbled back into war and genocide.

According to senior military sources, it is no coincidence that the crisis in the Sudan/Chad/Central African Republic region has escalated since the ending of the European Union military mission and the assumption of "peace-keeping" by what is termed in military circles a "third-world" United Nations force.

During the period of service by the EU force from February last year to March 2009, the area was, if not entirely peaceful, at least under control. There were no reports of any large-scale atrocities or refugee crises and warring factions were kept well apart.

The EU mission was made up of troops from France, who had the largest contingent with 2,000 troops, followed by Ireland with 450, Italy, Spain, Finland and Belgium, with special services troops from Slovenia, Croatia and Denmark. The foothold in the region was established by a company of soldiers from the Irish Army Ranger Wing in February last year.

From the outset, the EU mission was to be a "transitionary" one, where the rapid reaction EU force would arrive in an area suffering from genocide and refugee crises, establish peace and then hand over to the United Nations.

The United Nations had over a year's advance notice of the take-over scheduled for March 19 but, as revealed in the Dail last week by Defence Minister Willie O'Dea, the UN force is nowhere near its target strength. This has allowed the warring forces to regroup.

Chadian rebels were, at the end of last week, advancing on Abeche and Goz Beida where the Irish troops, with their depleted resources, are based.

Fine Gael's Jimmy Deenihan told the Dail last week that there may not be enough fuel or helicopters to evacuate Irish troops if they come under siege.

The UN force, known as MINURCAT, has been in the region for several years and has been criticised by aid agencies whose public outcry led to the decision to send in the EU force. The Irish and French agreed to keep troops on the ground until the UN mission was up and running.

MINURCAT is largely made up of troops from some of the poorest countries in the world, including Bangladesh, Ecuador, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Yemen, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Madagascar and Togo. Senior military sources say there are severe communication difficulties and few have the experience and training of European armies.

This was more or less acknowledged by Mr O'Dea last Wednesday when Mr Deenihan asked if he was concerned by the "apparent lack of fuel to run generators in the (Irish) camp, which has led to a shortage of fuel for lighting and vehicles, for example, with the result that the mission is confined to camp".

Mr O'Dea admitted being concerned at what he termed "some teething problems".

He went on: "It is not true to say that the Irish troops are confined to camp. They have been forced to cut back on some routine patrols due to the fuel shortage. However, I am also assured by the military powers that they have sufficient fuel to undertake any emergency journeys that are necessary.

"It is expected that the rationing will come to an end in approximately three weeks, but that is not to say there will not be future crises of that nature in Chad. We are on notice of that now."

The signs on the ground are alarming. On April 24, the French news agency, AFP, reported that though the UN had pledged 5,200 troops to replace the European force of 3,700, only 2,425 UN troops were so far in place.

Last Wednesday, AFP reported that rebels were advancing on the Chadian capital of Ndjamena. Irish troops were evacuating civilian aid workers from the town of Goz Beida after residents of the town were shocked by the sound of heavy gunfire on the outskirts last Wednesday.

The only way the Irish can resupply with fuel is for a convoy to travel 900km to Ndjamena across wasteland. The invasion by Sudanese-backed forces has made this more perilous. With the onset of the rainy season the route becomes impassible.

Part of the reason that the EU set up the rapid reaction force was that its military no longer have faith in UN-led peace keeping. The ineffectiveness of the UN was highlighted in the conflict in former Yugoslavia. The UN sent a badly equipped contingent of Bangladeshi troops to Krijina and failed to properly supply them.

In Somalia, the UN also failed miserably. Pakistani troops in Mogadishu were blamed for kidnapping and raping children. On June 5, 1993, the Somali militias responded by killing 24 Pakistani UN troops.

This in turn led to the deaths of several American military personnel, its withdrawal from Somalia and the collapse of the mission.

- Jim Cusack

Oh good,

Thank god we didn't send any more troops to that horribly dangerous Afghanistan place. Much safer out in the desert trying to establish comms between your digital encrypted radio and your neighbouring contingent's network of tin cans on a string.
MINURCAT is largely made up of troops from some of the poorest countries in the world, including Bangladesh, Ecuador, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Yemen, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Madagascar and Togo.

Not reassuring....
Great piece wasnt it

he also wrote a very good column commenting on the MP's expenses

saying how many sets of body armour could have been purchased instead of

cleaning a moat- decorating a flat etc

he is a great supporter of the Irish Defence Forces
Had there not been a fairly substantial refit for the defence forces in recent years? New uniform, webbing, upgraded comms etc?
Hi Hedgie, long time no see! He also did one about the Royal Marines during the invasion of the Falklands which I decided I would'nt post the link to... did you see it?
Your right Foggy

there is a lot of new equipment- it was over the last 8-10 years or so

some nice guichi stuff as well.

Flamingo - good to see you again mate- I didnt see his bit on the Marines

but I can guess as to what he said

My favourite piece of his was when he was talking about unmarried mothers

he started with " you and your bastards"
French govt to honour Irish officer
Saturday, 16 May 2009 12:00

The Irish officer who commanded European troops in Chad over the last year is to be honoured by the French government.

Lieutenant General Pat Nash will be awarded the Officier de Legion d'Honnuer by President Nicholas Sarkozy in Paris on 18 May.

The medal is France's highest accolade for people who distinguish themselves through civilian or military valour.

The European mission in Chad was taken over by the UN two months ago and 400 Irish troops continue to serve there.

Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea said General Nash's hard work and commitment ensured the success of the European mission.

The Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Dermot Earley, said the General had led a credible, professional and impartial force with distinction.

General Nash will retire next month. He is expected to receive several other honours before he steps down at a ceremony in Dublin on 12 June.

He became operational commander of EUFOR TCHAD in October 2007 and has been based in Paris since.

General Nash is originally from Ahane, Co Limerick and has been living in Cork city.

Drinking buddy of yours hedgie? :D
He was my CO at one stage a long time ago

he is a top rate bloke- he takes no shite from anyone

IN Lebanon years ago a psycho South Lebo took a family hostage and the Nasher went in

to neogiate - the Psycho then took the nasher hostage as well

and the nasher promptly beat the bollix out of him

he deserves the medal for having to put up with a vast amount of crap

on this mission

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