Irish Army Annual Fitness Test

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by THE-BIG-FELLA, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Hello, I have been looking up on the Irish Armys annual fitness test for members of the PDF and there is a 10 kilometre loaded march to be done in 93 minutes(time relevant to age group).It says however that there is no set weight but obviously there must be a weight so really what I am asking is,does anyone know what this is? :?
  2. Sure and you've never heard of the semi-official Irish weight of "one AGFB? That's one "Arthur Guinness Full Bottle", which weighs one pound. So the weight you're talking about is 30 AGFBs. Simple, innit?

  3. But the trick is to drink the contents of the bottles and convert it to pi ss and then unload it, which lightens the load considerably.
  4. AFAIK its your weapon, helmet, full water bottle and CEMO. Its also age dependent - the older age groups get longer time to complete and some are excused. I could be mistaken, wait until a PDF poster arrives, they might have a better idea.
  5. your not to far off there Wager

    its 30 Lbs made up of most of that

    except its without the weapon-

    the time is really to generous most do it around the 1 hour mark easily,

    I personally know of one guy form my Unit who did it in 41 Mins.
  6. Loaded 10 Km march over flat ground wearing combat dress (no headdress), carrying CEMO (Combat Equipment Marching Order).

    There is no set weight.

    Items to be carried in the rucksack.

    Spare combat smock
    Spare combat boots
    Full waterbottle
    Soldiers over 50 are exempt from the loaded march unless undertaking a career course or travelling overseas (PDF).

    Age Time Allowed
    17-29 1 hr 33 mins
    30-34 1 hr 39 mins
    35-39 1 hr 45 mins
    40-44 1 hr 51 mins
    45-49 1 hr 57 mins
    50+ 2 hrs
  7. Thanks fellas, the time limit is really generous alright though which is surprising as I thought it would be tougher than that!
  8. Times of around 1 hour or so wouldn't be too unusual
  9. The 17-29 time allowance for 10 KM is not much different from a a TA CFT except that the weights are probably a bit less.
  10. How does it compare with the CFT for a British regular?
  11. Regular is eight miles.
  12. Expanding on that a bit. No variable times, its 8 miles in 2 hours carrying 25 Kg for Inf types, 15 Kg for Corps. Age exemption at 50.
  13. 41 mins? For 10km (6.4 miles) ?
  14. Yes and dont forget its fully loaded

    but he is an animal