Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Filbert Fox, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. Irish-American cos I'd like to distance myself from Dubya

  2. American and proud of it, who cares if the world hates me!

  3. Mexican illlegal American

  1. Everytime you watch a TV programme/film or listen to a septic giving an interview, theyre always '15th generation Irish American', bollox, if youre born in America then youre American, not Irish-American, African-American or Italian-American, they even call the continants original occupants 'American-Indians'. Are the septics so ashamed of being American that they have to say that theyre only part yank?
    Born in:
    America = American
    England = English
    Scotland = Scottish
    Ireland = Irish
    Wales = Sheep shagger.

    Live with it.
  2. What do you expect from a mongrel nation?

    Like people who say their dog is a Labrador / Alsatian cross (with a bit of Dachshund thrown in). Makes it sound better, gives it some heritage, some breeding. Still a fecking mongrel though. Just like the Irish / Scots / Japanese / Icelandic Americans – still fecking mongrels.
  3. I agree. I may come from English descent, but I'm American, period. Why would I want to brag about being related to you bunch of cnuts?

    And speaking of dogs, you guys sure do make great lap dogs.
  4. Because if it wasn't for us you'd be French, now f88k off!
  5. If I remember correctly, the single French military victory EVER was over the English. Just ask Flash, he knows. :wink:

    Now b*gger off, you crow nonce.
  6. Remember lapdogs find it easier to bite your nuts!!!
  7. Point well taken, cheers mate! Or do you always go around dreaming of nuts in your mouth? :wink:

    And Filbert, how very un-PC of you! There is no such thing as an "illegal Mexican". Some are just more legal than others.
  8. :D
    hey Corp, how come there are no septics who claim to be Welsh-American? :lol:
  9. Does the food chain go that low?
    Is there a genetic pool that could muster the DNA required?
    It's amoral too to horrible to imagine......

    Gosh I can see it now......

    'Yeah we're Welsh-Amreican,
    We love our Welsh roots.
    But are proud American's,
    And besides the sheep we shag here are bigger and better than those little Welsh sheep.....'

  10. Just American :D
  11. how about Canadian-American? :D
  12. They call them Draft Dodgers, first or second generation....... :roll:
  13. We have them, they are called "hillbillies". :D
  14. :D FF -- This time I agree with you. No hyphenated titles.