Irish Air Corps plane crash - student and instructor missing

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by wager, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Just heard that an Air Corps trainer crashed in Connemara - the Cadet pilot and instructor are missing.

    Thoughts and prayers are with them
  2. [​IMG]

    It was a 3 ship from Baldonnel. 2 Diverted to Salthill afterwards. Sadly they have recovered the body of the Student and are still looking for the Instructor. The search will continue at first light tommorow.

    Thoughts & prayers with their families this evening.

    The Irish Air Corps are 100% dead on and always look after the RAF when they deploy Sea Kings on long range SAR & need fuel or when a C 130 does a Medivac dirty dash to move a poorly child from Ireland to the UK at 0300hrs for life saving surgery.
  3. Always tragic news, RIP.
  4. R.I.P. Condolences to family and friends.
  5. From the Defence Forces Press Office:

    Rest in Peace
  6. RIP lads, a sad evening. I have the pleasure of knowing some of the boys in Casement and thankfully none of them were involved. I'm pretty sure it'll be a dark night over there.

    Thoughts to families and friends.
  7. RIP Boys condolences to the crew, their familes, the Trg Sqn at Baldonnel & the Irish Air Corps.
  8. Rest In Peace Gentlemen..


    Date: Tuesday, 13 October 2009.

    Press Call. For immediate release.


    Captain Derek Furniss (32) and Cadet David Jevens (22) are the two crew members that died in the crash of the Air Corps PC-9 (Tail # 265) last night at Cornamona, Co. Galway.

    Captain Derek Furniss joined the Defence Forces in October 1994 and is a qualified pilot since 1996 and a qualified flight instructor since 1999. He has over 3,000 flight hours and was the Chief Flight Instructor on the Pilatus aircraft and member of the Air Corps PC-9 Display Team. Derek, originally from Ballinteer, Dublin 16 was single and living with his partner in Dublin.

    Cadet David Jevens joined the Defence Forces as an Air Corps Cadet in 2006 and was at the advanced stages of flight training on the PC-9 with over 160 flight hours and 50 simulator training hours over the past three years flight training. He was due for commissioning as a pilot later this year. David was single and from Glynn, Co. Wexford.

    Currently, the Air Accident Investigation teams are on scene at the crash site which is approx. 2 – 3 kilometres from Maam Cross, Co. Galway. The onsite investigation is estimated to take 48 – 72 hours initially. Gathering information from the site has commenced with data from the flight and cockpit voice recorder that have been located.

    The Defence Forces ask for respect for both families at this very difficult time. Funeral arrangements for the deceased are a matter primarily for the families, but every assistance is being provided by Air Corps personnel. General Officer Commanding the Air Corps, Brigadier General Ralph James met the Furniss family last night and is meeting the Jevens family later today to extend sympathies on behalf of the men and women of the Defence Forces.
  9. Very sad news. Blow to the DF. Prayers and thoughts are with their squadron, families and mates.

  10. What a desperately sad and tragic affair. My very sincere condolences to relatives and friends.

  11. Very Tragic news on the Death of the 2 Air Corps Pilots, may they Rest in Peace.
  12. RIP Captain Furniss and Cadet Jevens
    go raibh Dia libh

    Writeup on the funeral of Cadet Jevens in the Irish Independent Linky