IRGC has a HLS near you.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrapSpy, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. From the Sun:

    IRGC Helicopters Cross into Iraq.

    Now if we could only shoot one down we would have undeniable proof of Iranian involvement. Time for a Rapier deployment?
  2. At no point in the article does it say that soldiers from Iran were seen to disembark or do anything - it simply says that Helicopters from Iran were seen to cross Iraqi borders.

    I fail to see how Newton-Dunn, thick as he is, has managed to link the two events.

    NOTE: I do NOT refute the fact that Iran has aided terrorists in Iraq, but personally think it is a dangerous game to start these sort of accusations without firm evidence. Not that the Scum could be considered firm by any standards.
  3. He's a good journo. He hasn't linked the two events, he allows the reader to do that!

    However, Iraq's borders are protected by a UN mandate and the US/UK forces in Iraq have a responsibility (alongside the DBE) to protect these borders do they not?
  4. Please stop posting what ever sh1t the Scum puts on its website. Just looking at it lowers your IQ.
  5. CS, of course their is a responsibility to protect Iraqi borders, but you've got to look at who's responsibility that part of the border was. Assuming it was British responsibility, it's possible that the Helicopter was picked up crossing the border but then withdrew straight away - I believe NOTHING the Scum says.
  6. So do we have 2 Fighters available to form a QRA?

    Which countries' Intelligence service provided this startling news I wonder?
  7. I don't necessarily believe them either, hence I thought, the slightly tongue in cheek tone to my initial post.

    But the article, such as it is, does raise a good point. IRGC support has always been tacit (supply of rockets, IEDs etc), but this suggests something more direct.

    If nothing else it also suggests the IRGC have got the confidence to cross the border in this way. Isn't that a bit worrying?
  8. Of course they've got the confidence, no-ones done anything to knock the confidence they hold already.

    The recent naval issue didn't help - although I think it was resolved properly, it didn't exactly make Britain look tough.

    It's a case of, "how do we bring these people down a peg or three?". Some people seem to advocate an all out air strike across Iranian targets, which wouldn't help in my view.

    Maybe beefing up security in the border areas would be all that is needed, but the military is already stretched...
  9. When I was at school we were given books to read, and the ever so special kids who were a bit dim and slowed the rest of us down were given their own books to read called Fuzz Buzz books.

    The Sun is the adult equivalent. Written by mongs for mongs.

    Some of what they write may be truth, however on the few occasions that I have had inside knowledge of a Sun story, what is printed has been absolute bollarks.
  10. I think there are probably quite a few serving members of the Iraqi Army, who fought in the Iran/Iraq War, that would love to be given the opportunity. :D
  11. Iraq is controlled air space and the yanks have E3s and fighter ac available to protect unlawful incursion. Nuff said.

    Oh, and TND is a *.
  12. Given the air assets the seppos have in the area, I'd think they'd be only to eager to splash any Iranian aviation on the Iraqi side of the border just to give a figleaf of causus belli.

    It's easy enough, should you be so inclined, to write the bomb-making kit off to the intenational arms market or rogue Hezbollah types. An IRG helo in smoking ruin in Iraqi territory is a different ball-game.