A request for these links was recently asked for as part of another thread, watching them made me ashamed that growing up during the 70's and 80's I did not fully appreciate the sacrifice made by so many young men.

Perhaps you get blinded by daily reports of casualties, which may be the problem with the general UK population today regarding Iraq and Afghanistan? Not sure of the solution but these videos really pulled at my heartstrings and made me think about what was I doing then? How about you?

Watch and then at least sign the petitons below.
As the century draws to a close we will leave many things behind us.
With the promise of new hope and new challenges in the Millennium it
will be easy to forget as we look ahead.

For many here today there already exists an indestructible memorial
to those whom we have lost.......but the memories which we hold dear
in our hearts cannot be seen by others.

This Memorial will be a tangible collection of all those memories.
For those that follow in our footsteps it should be a constant reminder
that where people work towards a worthwhile and common goal,
a price must be paid, and for those remembered here the price demanded was the highest.

The debt was paid without complaint and when words have fallen silent
this memorial and the names on it will continue to speak for all of us.

Mrs Sandra Willetts
Wife of the late Sgt. Michael Willetts G.C.
Killed 25th May 1971, Belfast, Northern Ireland

As seen here: Ireland.htm
I served in NI for three years from 1967 to 1970 (my wife also served there 1969 to 1970 until we married and she left the services). I was awarded my GSM NI in Portsmouth in the Regulating Office of HMS Vernon in 1972 - big gruff RPO just said sign here!! OH and you may as well sign for your missus GSM as well save me posting it to her as she is a civvy now!!! So much for ceremony for being awarded my first campaign medal. I had just missed the GSM for Borneo and missed qualifying for the RADFAN Medal (Aden) by a few days in the 60's.

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