Ireland win against Wales

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bugsy, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Jaisus! What a nail-biter that was. Absolutely marvellous game and the Welsh, in spite of a few mistakes, played a blinder. I honestly didn't expect them to be that good.

  2. Great match, not really sure if it was the Millennium factor, nerves on the part of Ireland or a really new look Welsh side. Whatever, great entertainment and good value for money. I will be really interested to see what France can do at Croke Park. Looking forward to that as it will be an indication as to what England can expect.

    A lot of history there (Croke Park) a warm welcome for England I would think even though it was the Black and Tans who did the biz. Will this be the first time that rugby has been played there? I’m sure I read that all “Garrison Sports” which included rugby, football and cricket, all linked to England were banned?
  3. It will be the first time rugby has been played at Croke Park.

    I had a ticket but I've had to sell it to an Arrser as I'm on watch for the game-hopefully I'll be able to keep up to date online.

    Croke Park is a fascinating stadium btw-the lighting system that is in place there is more powerful than the new Wembley. Capacity of 69000 seated and 14000 standing-it dwarfs most stadiums in Europe to be honest.

    It will be strange watching England play in Croke Park and 'God Save The Queen' being played. No doubt, the hardcore old and bold will have a spaz attack over this which will be highly entertaining in its own right.

    T'is a shame that all the airlines have decided to massively up the prices of flights that weekend hence I shall be watching the game in Cardiff instead of Dublin!

    But only the IRFU and the Dublin 4 crowd could allow the capacity of the new Lansdowne Road to increase by a MASSIVE 500...

    They could fill a 90,000 stadium easily for every rugby game.

    I'm gutted I wasn't able to go to the game in Cardiff today-it was the first Ireland v Wales away game I haven't been to in about 6 years.

    Let's hope that BOD recovers from his hamstring injury for the game next Sunday....
  4. Yes it will be the first time ever that Croke Park has hosted a British sport. The GAA for years were very anti British and forbid any military/RUC in the North of Ireland from GAA. It was known as rule 21. quite a few GAA clubs in Northern Ireland have been named after IRA folk and folk from the Easter rising who were executed by us. The GAA are still quite anti British & GAA is very much a nationalist sport. My heart will race with pride as we hear "God save the Queen"! played in Croke Park. May bobby sands, maraid farrel & all IRA pan nationalists murdering scumbags choke in their graves as we see the Mainland Army of English / British fans sing their hearts out. I hope Gerry & Martin have a heart attack. Let sport win and the best team be victors. It will be a tight wee match and a moment in history. If Ireland win then fair play to them. The main winner is sport. I have good mates down south and have the best of craic but they are decent fellas and don't like the GAA anti British stance. Rugby over here is neutral and great craic.
  5. Let's not forget that it's the sport we want to see and not the reopening of old wounds. Neither the ROI nor the UK can be particularly proud of what happened in the past. But it's the past and can't be changed. So let's try and change the future.

    May the best team win (but I hope it's Ireland).

  6. BOD has had to endure taunts when he's gone to Gaelic football games at Croke Park...

    I've got some very good friends who are on Championship winning County sides who I grew up with, went to school with and played both gaa and rugby with. Even they are unsure what sort of reaction will occur in Croke Park when England play there.

    Personally, I can't stand the Gaelic Athletic Association. Rule 27 in the 70's (basically if you played gaa football or hurling (practically most lads from the age of 7 onwards....), you were not allowed to play any 'foreign' sports such as rugby, kissball etc. This still had an impact on sports in the late 80's onwards. Considering that a good proportion of the redevelopment of Croke Park was funded by the government, how dare the GAA dictate who and who cannot play there.... :pissedoff:

    Spotter note: The only stadiums bigger in Europe are the Nou Camp, San Siro, Luzhniki (Moscow) and the Olympic Stadium (Ukraine).
  7. After that cracking match in the Millenium stadium today, the Welsh need not feel ashamed if they finish as runners up to Ireland in the championship.

    Followed by Scotland, France and Italy hopefully (and in that order).
  8. I've heard they've reserved Hill 16 for the England fans. :cyclopsani: :cyclopsani: :cyclopsani:

  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Haven't you missed a nation?

    Today's game was fantastic and probably the best game I have ever watched. Both teams gave all they had and I doff my cap to them. There was a lot of 'claret' flowing but this was NOT dirty game - far from it.

    When you see the antics of soccer players diving at the puff of wind as someone passes them and the heroics of today then why should anyone with balls opt to play soccer?

    Well done Wales and Ireland for such an entertaining game.
  10. Great entertainment today even though it was a little nerve racking. We have a fantastic record in Cardiff. I think the loss in 2005 was the only one in the last 25 years or so.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Great game to watch for the neutral and Wales seem a force to be reckoned with.
  12. Don’t know if you saw this from today’s Telegraph?:-

    Or this:-

    Great to think that the sport of rugby is helping to heal old wounds!
  14. Indeed, a cracking game, though being a leek-waver I was a bit gutted. All that time in Ireland's half and no try! I think even some of the Irish players in the press said they'd had a lot of luck. They were the better side though, if not by much.
    Wales have GOT to get away from this awful phenomenon of winning 90% of the game, but still snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Let's hope some of the refereeing improves too....
  15. wales lost because the irish are a very street wise side(great at slowing opposition ball up)and they finished off most of their scoring should have played the referee more in the ruck area as ireland did and if hands were in there as was the case the forwards should have put studs on them(as the all blackd do),just hope we can play in the same style tomorrow!