Ireland robbed of a possible World Cup place

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by carlbcfc, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone just saw that blatant handball by Henry in the World Cup Playoff?

    Im no Ireland fan either.

    I'll link it when I find it.
  2. everyone but the Ref saw it-
  3. As I said, im not the biggest Ireland fan but fcuk me, how can a big game end like that?
  4. Henry hang your head in shame!
  5. What will platini see...
  6. Henry - what's the French for "Cheating B@stard"? :roll: :crash:

    There should be a way teams can appeal in situations like this. Both Henry and the Ref should never take part in an international match ever again.
  7. I'm all for Wilkinsons now. Gillet is for cheats it seems.
  9. the_boy_syrup

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  10. I seem to recall some Irish gloating at the 'hand of god episode' with recent comments such as 'when are the English going to get over it'. Enjoy.
  11. Fcuk 'em. After their umpteenth referendum, the Irish have demonstrated that they are happy to have Europe speak in its behalf. Like good Europeans they should dry their eyes and let France represent their interest in the World Cup.
  12. Splendid!
  13. "Some"..."SOME"?.....I can find some people who enjoy getting their balls stamped on by women in doc Martins...."some"...Jesus ******* christ get over yourself nevermind the HOG :roll:
  14. So much for the 'luck of the Irish'
  15. We don't need to "dry our eyes" we haven't said anything about the happened it's annoying, life moves on.
    Mother of God, we have a thread on an obvious handball in football (in a WC qualifier), and yet almost every comment is prefaced with "I'm not Ireland fan", referendums ect....can we not just be slightly peeved that the game of football (never mind the teams involved) just saw one of those moments of absolute bollocks....I'd be a bit pissed if it happened to Nepal nevermind my own Country.