Ireland Crowd Chant - "Easy Easy"

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Sven, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. What on earth went wrong?
  2. Deep Joy - makes the earlier game today that little bit easier to swallow.
  3. I dont think anyone was chanting that, England were excellent and at times we got the luck of the drop.

    Its hard to knock Wilko Strettle and the rest

    saying that we were very good

    and Ronan o Gara's kicking was pin point accurate
  4. Tee hee hee!
  5. Na na na na na.
  6. That Ireland stretched England wide showed up a huge deficit in englands game, that it is a strength of Irelands game shows a lack of planning.

    You are right though O Gara was excellent and Connell on the back row thoroughly deserved the Man of the Match.

    Edited to add - COME ON WALES
  7. Strettle was great (UP THE QUINS!) Wilko was off all game. Now that is true.
  8. gutted, but a brilliant showing from Ireland. England did put up a fight but were just outclassed by the better team. Though you could say the 15 england players were taking on the 15 Irish players and the rest of Croke park, the Irish support looked and sounded amazing and a credit to the country.

    Good game to watch!

  9. What went wrong?

    Are you serious?

    England have been poor for a long time, Wilkinson comes back and scores some points to get a win over the 'mighty' Scotland, you struggle against Italy (both at home by the way) and suddenly you think you are going to pop over to Dublin and put one over Ireland?

    Get Real!
  10. Happy days. Haven't felt so good since a wee football match in 2005 :)
  11. Fantastic result. Four on the trot and a record win over England!
  12. chuffed! :thumright:
  13. During the first quarter it looked like Ireland were going to choke under the pressure of playing at Croke Park against the old foe. Once they regained their composure there was little that England could do.

    A fantastic game of rugby in keeping with what has been a very watchable Six Nations. The question now is England vs France. Will the Fortress Twickers effect be enough?

    Thought the historic/emotional aspect before kick off was handled well by all present.
  14. Couldn't have been scripted better. Due respect paid during the playing of God save the Queen, and a quality result. :thumleft:
  15. Sad but true- we have been relying on getting and keeping possesion to force errors to win penalties to get points. The fatal flaw is that whenwe lose possession we get bent out of shape in the midfield and in the forwards and spend 20 mins without scoring (or even a whole half as today)

    Easy to whinge but less easy to suggest a way ahead that the current team can learn and implement before the next WC. Thoughts?