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Ireland beat England in cricket!

VERY well done the Micks!

What a turn up?!

Having said that, England did lose to Wales in a warm-up game! There again, I suppose the English players are now so fvcked that they don't know whether they are playing cricket or croquet.

Watched the last few overs in 'The Beehive' on St. John's Hill Clapham - and couldn't believe my eyes.

Oh! how I hope the rugby Micks do the same against the 'big 'eads', and especially that they bury the 'mighty mouth' and 'show-off'.
Isn't it feckin brilliant!!
I rang home to Mayo and they had the game/match?? on the telly in the family pub except no one had a clue what was happening or who was winning until the end!!
And no fluke, either. The Irish played extremely well so all the best to them.
(Now off to have a massive sulk, kick the cat and the missus and probably get wellied on Guinness).


Book Reviewer
Fully expect the England team to retire on their winnings from Paddy Power. 'Quick, put on all this money for Ireland to beat not rugby,cricket.....'

Frank Serpico

Excellent result,it`s a bit like England beating Ireland at hurling.
India next. I see the ill-mannered twerp Broad has been preferred to a real cricketer. Is someone 'giving Broad one'? His inclusion cannot be down to form or behaviour. Hard luck Bresnan - don't give up as Broad will fvck up as he's playing a serious team not the local Girls' School 2nd XI. Why is it so hard to get out of the England side?

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