Ireland and the irish. Poteen, poatoes and humour the new thread.

Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by baldcossack, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Following Stonkers tuition I now possess the knowledge to start threads. At MUDDYOLDENGINEER's instigation and his and to avoid diverting the Bloody Sunday thread here's the new one.
    Being half Russian, quarter Anglo Irish protestant, paternal grandfather, and quarter Irish catholic, paternal grandmother, I may be rather well qualified to open the brew!
  2. Well at least two of them got on then eh?
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  3. How nice to know evolution is flourishing in Ireland. At last.
  4. If your ancestry is as stated shouldn't you be permanently beating the crap out of yourself? Or throwing nail and petrol bombs at yourself?
  5. Surely the nasty evil Russian half of him would brutally surpess all dissident activity with a swift application of an armoured brigade?
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  6. I was beaten frequently at school, it was enough for a lifetime. We also had a Latin master whose punishments included electrocuting his pupils. I detest religion while loving the beauty of the orthodox service, I'll leave the bombs to the catholics, we have our own occasional bombers in Russia, though thats for business reasons.
  7. Television sadly seems to have rendered the use of armoured brigades, dragoons and cossacks too confrontational.
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    TV has a lot to answer for.
  9. My first latin master was similarly (if less technologically) inclined, and I felt his death (by Leukemia, I was but 12 yrs old) was a fair one. No idea what were his religious inclinations.
  10. It damn does. Yeltsin tried to bring back the cossacks to enforce discipline in various places. It included one cossack lowering his lance and charging the occupants of a Lada, the lance went right through from one side of the car to the other. The idea was quietly dropped after that.
    The Omon have a real sad on about television, overseas broadcasts of them getting stuck into demonstrators have forced them to curb their enthusiasm. Personally I feel such broadcasts are excellent for Russia's image, it discourages hooligans. Not many cossacks in Ireland of course, though no shortage of horses for them if they should emigrate to the Emerald Isle.
  11. Well said! Never mind murdering their community, I would also include amongst the IRA/CIRA/IPLO/INLA/etc/etc claim to fame the maiming via bombs, punishment beatings, knee cappings, banishments, extortion, drug meddling, business control, etc,... The RC community was just as much terrorised as the rest of NI. The loyalist side is just as bad......

    That said - this thread is about poteen et al so a recipe for poteen may be 100 gallons of water, 87 pounds of potatoes, 87 pounds of sugar and a box of yeast, mix together like a stew and distiil taking the 79degC fraction........ or so I'm told.
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  12. Our particular sadist was called O'Connor, I leave his race and religion to your imagination. He was certainly technically advanced, none of his many victims died. Why he chose Latin over physics I've no idea. He was still alive, sadly, when I left. A great shame.
  14. Definitely one of the Cockney O'Connors from Peckham. Ecce Romani Page one - Marcus et Flavius sunt im hortum......
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