Ireland and The Great War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by flamingo, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Sorry, I don't know how to attach the links in a quote, the link to the page is:

    Hope this will be of interest.
  2. Get set for some lengthy rationalisations from the usual suspects. There might even be some Silence from Sinn Fein.
  3. Imperialism... blah blah... British Militarism... blah blah... oppression... blah blah... rotten potatoes... blah blah...

    Why can't some folk just accept that a fair few Irishmen believed in what they were doing when they enlisted?
  4. I have just come back from a week in Dublin and was pleased to see
    a number of poppys on display. Not really surprising, when you consider how many Irish have fought and died in British uniforms over the years.
  5. Pleased to see this happening at last. Half the population of Dublin and Cork had relatives who went to fight against the Germans. Tonight on channel 4 as part of a series they are doing some short clips referring to the real life front line in Afghanistan. According to the reporter all he saw was a group of soldiers who were not interested in the big picture or politics, they were interested in protecting each other. I believe it was the same for the Irish volunteers in WW1.
  6. My Family at War on BBC4 tonight included Eamonn Holmes researching his grandfather. Very sobering, the poor bastard was shot in the abdomen, discharged medically unfit and received treatment for his wounds until his death in the '50s.

    The segment on what life was like for servicemen returning to Ireland between the Easter Rising and the end of the war made me rather angry, I have to say. Hadn't the poor bastards suffered enough?
  7. I listened to a guest journo on Newstalk or some similar radio station talking about "Gallipoli". He recommended ISTR as being educational because it showed the horrors that troops went through fighting the Germans. :roll: Possibly not so educational then....