IRC based chat?????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. I know its probably already been mentioned but whats with the dodgy new arrse chat?.

    I know irc based chat is in real time but its sh!t!!!

    I am up for change but giving us an irc based chat chan is pooh... please can we have the old one back?
  2. Seconded - the great thing about old chat was you could access it from virtually anywhere, including on ops using other peoples' laptops!

    Please change it back! :D
  3. Same goes for me i can't access it from work anymore, it's already making the shift seem longer, groan, just looked at the clock again,

    please bring back the chat and my sanity
  4. Fourthed. Bring back the old chat module
  5. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Firstly I apologise. I know the old software was good and popular.

    The old chat doesn't work with the new version of the site software, and we're not going to try to convert it. Reasons for change etc:

    The new forum software is faster and suposedly more secure - latest version is always good and we're still security paranoid, particularly when you lot roam the internet upsetting people!

    The old chat was was very heavy on the server - it slowed the main site down, and the problem was getting worse as the site grew.

    The new chat is good as far as I can see, BUT you can't see who's online and you must have Java installed, although lots of sites need Java and your browser should do this automatically. If you're using an old version of Windows or an old browser it may not. In which case try here:

    See here for general help from the chat software providers see here:

    Any java gurus with older systems are welcome to offer advice here.

    Finally, we will get our own chat 'server' up and running, but it's going to have to wait for a week or so for BCO to get his lazy arrse back to the UK. Until then we're on a borrowed public system and it's a bit slow to connect.
  6. tell you what... if someone was to donate a sh!tload of bandwidth and a server you could direct the chaters to would you considder it?.

    oh and would they get a free T-Shirt lol

    if it is an option pm please
  7. Why? No bugger wants to speak to you. Apart from Little Gay Homo...........he likes frocks as well.
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I reckon splitting the software so that the chat part runs on another server is unworkable, although multi-server websites are, I admit, beyond me.

    For the moment I don't think there's any option but to run with it. That said it is dear to BCO's heart, and needless to say the CPG-Nuke forums are full of people crying out for the old chat / this chat with a who's online module etc., so there will be er.. developments.

    We will run our own IRC Chat server and this will improve things. The thing was an utter b astard to install and BCO's away for a week or so so it's gone on hold. While he would love to nip into an internet cafe every night to sort it, he would run the risk of being the next John Wayne Bobbit.

    Once again, I apologise.
  9. ha ha ha ha... .... guess who rules the roost there then.

    as for you biccy... blow me..
  10. No thanks................but LJH will!
  11. Fecking homos in the NAAFI bar, whatever next :roll: