Iraqs descent into bombing quagmire -John Simpson


In the last week this city has seen 22 car bombs, with 10 on a single day - last Friday. Not far from Baghdad, at Musayyib, between Hilla and Karbala, nearly 100 Shia Muslims were killed.

The shadowy resistance movements seem to be operating on a new and much more ambitious level.

Last summer, and in the summer of 2003, there were similar peaks, though much lower ones: The ferocious heat seems to produce new reserves of anger and violence here
Dear PartTimePongo!

Quote from mentioned article:

I visit Baghdad at least four times a year...Each time the security situation has been markedly worse than the time before.
Previously mr.Simpson wrote:

The situation in Iraq is nothing like the Vietnam War, and it will not be.
This prase has not been repeated in recent article.

Btw, I join to Bill Thomas (to his opinion)

Why in the world don't Bush and Blair accept these facts and admit that the US and Britain are losing the peace in Iraq?" Iraq may not be the root cause of terrorism, but it definitely is adding fuel to the fire.

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