Iraqis use YouTube to send up life in war zone

Iraqis are embracing the internet to lampoon the war with often dark humour, with British and American soldiers, firebrand clerics and the danger of terrorist attacks featuring in "blooper" videos

In dozens of submissions on the internet video sharing website, YouTube, Iraqis are sending up everyday life in their country with Western soldiers coming in for particular attention.

.....shows an American soldier repeating Arabic phrases told to him by a group of locals, apparently unaware of what they are actually saying. The soldier is reported to say: "Bring us back to our family, bring us home... The salary is not that good either."

The rise of radical religious militias, such as the Mahdi army of Moqtada al-Sadr, have also drawn fire from internet posters.

To animation taken from the film Happy Feet, the firebrand Shia cleric is portrayed as the "chief" penguin who dances while his follower penguins shout his name. The over-dubbed Arabic music is taken from a rally rallies held by the militia and Sadr's supporters.

Not all Iraqis approve of their leaders being belittled, and comments posted on the site beneath the videos reflect the wide divergence of opinion that characterises the country's political landscape.

"Shame on you to liken Moqtada al-Sadr to a penguin and humiliate him in front of all the world," says a poster named Wisam on the penguin clip. "It is indeed a shame," agrees a poster named Abdul. "He and his donkeys are far worse than penguins."
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The ability to stage satire is a positive health indicator indeed. Iraqi TV has long since been broadcasting it's own particular brand of humor, though it has staunchly been avoiding politics.

This can only be a good thing.

After all, WE take pish taking to the levels of fine art... :)

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