Iraqis "tortured by Soldiers"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. This old chestnut has just arisen . The MoD has not contested a decision that Iraqis were "tortured by he Army". Apparently compensation to all concerned could total a million pounds because the treatment contravened Article two of the European Convention of Human Rights.

    Nice to see that Iraq is now part of Europe. Roll on world domination.

    (Tried to get a link from T' Daily Telegraph site but couldn't do it.)
  2. Shiner involved, perchance?
  3. The situation was managed in the wrong way. The relatives of the killed man had to be proposed by significant compensation - 100,000 Pounds or even more. There was no need for lengthy process, investigations and expensive trial. So the case would be forgotten now.

    But as it was handled the case heavily contributed to anti-British propaganda, exposed HM armed forces in the negative light.
  4. What! Compensation for beating themselves to death? I always said they were swinging the lead.
  5. Basa was beaten to death in British custody and it is only right that an apology is made and compensation made.
  6. My point is this: Why was the European Human Rights Act used when the "offences" took place in Iraq which geographically is outside of Europe?
  7. Because there is not such thing as a Eurpean Human Rights Act. What you are referring to is the Human Rights Act 1998 which is part of British Law. And British Troops operate under British Laws.

    Edit: Yours is a good point though.
  8. But the Telegraph, which is a bit reliable for news than some others, said Des Browne, the Parttime Defence Secretary, admitted that the MOD had breached article two of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to life, in relation to Mr Mousa.
  9. The European Convention on Human Rights was not set up to define illegal acts carried out by the worlds people on Europeans, or European malfaence on Europeans but acts carried out by Europeans on the worlds people (which includes other Europeans)
  10. I know it's sh1t but it's quite a open and shut case.
  11. What was done to Mr. Mousa and others was disgusting. Now the victims and lawyers also want a public inquiry...

    I've read somewhere that the Human Rights Act covers embassies and consulates which include prisons overseas directly under Brit control.