Iraqis say Blackwater faces Iraqi justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. After a clash in which Blackwater guarding US State Dept personnel in Baghdad were involved in a gun battle with locals,The Iraqi MOI says that this firm can no longer operate in Iraq.It will be interesting to see what the US has to say as the firm guards many senior US people in Iraq!

    The Iraqi say that Blackwater will have to face Iraqi justice(what is that? marks out of 10)
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Diddums. The Iraqi MOI needs to get its house in order and control its own people and AQ, if they can't, there will be more incidents like this.

    I see they have failed to mention dealing with police and army AQ infiltration.
  3. It'll be an interesting test of how seriously the White House takes its own pronouncements on Iraqi sovereignty. My bet is, not in the slightest.
  4. BBC Latest

    I guess that means the US Embassy has no intention of getting Blackwater out of Iraq.
  5. "McCormack said that while the United States tries to avoid innocent casualties, "we are fighting people who don't play by any rules" and have no problem killing innocent civilians."

    We know that the Yanks are a fighting people!
  6. "Iraqi Justice"

    Oh, thats a load off. I thought for a minute that some sort of savagery would occur.

    So does that mean that leniency will be exercised again? Like the poor barstewards who got strung up under a bridge and torched? Or beheaded? Or taken over to Iran for a busman's holiday?

    Yes, I'm sure the Iraqi MOI is all over the Mahdi Army and AQT and any other bunch of sociopathic misfits masquerading as "freedom fighters" or " INSERT EXCUSE FOR BEING SUBHUMAN " will ensure all the western operators and soldiers get treated totally fairly and honourably, under that fine justice system.

    T wall and hesco round the whole fecking place then expend all remaining rounds within boundaries. Only way to be sure.

    Plus, fuel-air and thermite is cooool!

    Also, that would free up the US Forces to invade somewhere else so the Blackwater and Dynacorps boyos can go and play in another playground. They must be bored with Baggers by now - no swings, slides, nothing.
  7. Incident happened just round the corner from us , could hear the little birds coming in hard n' fast..
    Details have yet to come in and no way am I going to speculate on what may get a wee bit messy! The locals are up in arms as usual at what they view as an atrocity, not too sure what they call all the other sh1t that goes on round here but-hey! It's arabs killing arabs and therefore not on a par with us murdering kufar scumbags eh?! :wink: Bit like the Abu Ghraib scandal I guess..... :roll:
    Having said that, BW operate under the Dept of State (DOS) and therefore directly to the USG. Therefore,though the MOI (Ministry of Interior) have now pulled their Iraqi operating licence technically it doesn't matter.
    Maybe a few BW guys are about to take early leave, who knows?
  8. This seems a good reason for not letting the Iraqi 'government' be involved in any licensing of PMCs! They can't even kep control over their own forces! All b@ll@cks really.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    While the full facts remain to be seen lets see how Iraq functions without them. :roll:
  10. There's a lot of money to be made by MOI in the licensing, yet another good scam to make some money on the side. Big companies pay a massive amount in bribes to get their licence which should cost next to nothing. Such is life in the new Iraq where anyone in power is looking to make/extort as much money as possible during their term in office. People go on about how the west is stealing all of Iraq's money. WRONNNNG!!
    The corruption is endemic and across the board. Western democracy is NOT the same as arab democracy-yet another mistake that the Bush regime made.
    That's not to say that there are no corrupt western governments- They're usually a bit more discreet thats all. :twisted:
  11. my mum is there right now. just of msn speaking to her. apparently it wasnt just a case of opening fire on random civilians but rather they were killed after a 15/20 minute gun battle. how many "innocent civilains" do you think would sit down in the crossfire just to see who wins? and if some did, well the local gene pool is a better place without their stupidity polluting it
  12. does it matter?

    if Iraq is a soveriegn state it can tell whoever it chooses to get the fcuk out.

    it doesn't need a reason, it doesn't need to justify its actions and it certainly doesn't need to demonstrate its own competence. it has sovereignty, thats it, end of story, finito.

    that both the responces of the US embassy and Condi Rice were pretty dismissive, "oh, we'll have a chat" indicates quite how soveriegn Iraq actually is in the eyes of the septics.

    the language coming out of Baghdad doesn't seem very conciliatory on this issue, wouldn't it be funny if the Iraqis complained to the UN about blackwater refusing to leave and the septics refusing to kick them out....
  13. And your point is? Did the ragheads not get upset when we brits decided to knock down the police station, only one incident i have time to mention.
    All this soverign state crap means nothing in the real world. By the way they are not competent. That is why people like BW and many other Brit Companys are there. Not to mention our armed forces.
    So what? feck the UN who takes them seriously now anyway.
    This is simply another chance at the ragheads to have ago at the contracters, they have been watching them for months. Just watch Aljazerra, inside Iraq they constantly whinge about them. Same crap different day!
  14. I spent 2 months working in MOI in 2004.It was fcucking dangerous then,and factionated.The poster who suggests above,that all ministers in the blatantly sectarian Iraqi government are on the take,is absolutely right.They even have no shame,when making their demands.Just look at the junk that arrived for-so called battalion sets for the Iraqi Army-in 2004,paid for by the US.Who got it in the neck for that? Some minor expendable people.