Iraqis preparing to decide...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. This is from the Blog Iraq the Modell. Good luck to the people of Iraq.
    Live blogging the vote in Iraq is Bareknucklepolitics lots of links lots of links.
  2. Friend and I had a little bet on who the first ink stained finger will belong to. An old woman or a young lady. Won. Owes me a drink. Good day! :lol:

    Good luck to the people, and to our lads and lassies!

  3. I fail to understand why the times online article represents reality. Let the voters decided. The casting of votes of 14 million people is a greater indicator of reality than one letter from one person. Go to the blog Iraq the Model there is a picture of another reality, one of great difficulties but of hope. What the Times online article simply takes is a pessimistic approach. The Times online article supports a reality of hopelessness that reinforces its pessimism or as we say in the US a nattering nabob's of negativism
    No one can know what the future will bring.There totalitarian past offered no hope for the future of Iraq. The Iraqi people even with the great difficulties are attempting to pursue a more democratic course. That democratic course promises to provide a more prosperous,free and safe future for them. They are on that course. It is their interest they succeed. It is our interest they succeed. There are many indications of success. Let us celebrate those success
  4. Think I prefer the Times view of reality to some selected right-wing propaganda. You must spend hours searching the web, or are they supplied to you by the Republican Party?
  5. I'd also suggest 'Iraq: The State We're In' by Patrick Cockburn, published in Friday 14th's Independent.

    It's rather long Neocon, and gets frightfully complex at times, but if you stick with it, you'll see that there are many grey (gray) areas explored that are generally anathema/inconvenient to US right wing freedom providers. Suffice to say, Sunnis, Kurds, Shias hate each other, but all will unite to a man because they hate you more, and the idea of Iraq being occupied by YOU.
  6. I read a lot. Try it. You may like it. Here are a couple more sites you should like

    I don't think Sunnis, Kurds, and Shias hate each other any more than saxons hated normans or the French hated the British and they learned to live and work together . Americans, everybody loves Americans. It just bush they don't like.
  7. :? Ah... have you ever lived out of America, Neo Con? I'm really not trying to pick a fight or to dissillusion you, but...that made me spew my tea.
  8. Is it true NC that you are the offspring of a Iranian family who decided to leave when the Shah was deposed?

    A united Iraq, lead by a Shia dominated puppet Government, would provide the launch pad for an invasion of Iran, that would return you (and your people) to what you clearly believe is your rightful home and preferably to some position of power in a now puppet Iran.


  9. for me, I don't think I'm alone in saying my blood runs cold when I see your flag waving, or hear the star spangled banner being played. It's all the associations with interference, intervention, invasion, bombing of innocents, propagandising 'smart' weapons, deploying of dirty tricks, dumbing down and cheapening of culture, rewriting of history, privatisation of good public services, cynical vetoing at the Security Council - the list goes on, and Blair wants to make it a crime to incite terrorism! - he should kick off by arraigning Bush Senior, Bush Junior and himself.
  10. Whether you like it or nor the Iraqi's have voted in far larger numbers than has voted in elections in the US and UK. Its fair to say that 80% of the eligible voters will vote for the constitution. Getting the Sunni's on board may well be mission impossible. They have been the ruling class of Iraq at the expense of the Kurds and Shia for decades. They were the base of Saddam's power. The Sunni's cannot win by force and some tribes see the handwritting on the wall and are engaging in peaceful dialogue with the Iraqi government. Violence today has been the low with a few isolated attacks I think that is a hopeful sign.
  11. Don't think I can help you frenchperson. We will have to agree to disagree.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst I would normally like to slag off a few yanks to let them know that not everyone likes their brand of democracy, I will refrain at this time.

    Iraq: We have invaded their country, imposed our form of governance upon them and told them how to live their lives. We have outlived our usefulness in Iraq and they want us to leave. All FACTS.

    Exit strategy, well apart from President Tony saying come home boys, there is no real exit strategy. (Sorry, did I just commit thought crime? Will President Tony and his Neue Arbeit mates come and get me?)

    Yes, Iraqis should be left to determine their fate, yes they need government. But they have lived for thousands of years with a soceity that is tribal, usually with autocratic leadership mainly based upon islamic law. Who the hell are we to tell them how to govern themselves?

  13. Oh, I forgot. Add torture to that list
  14. Replies deleted.

    Post, not the poster please.