Iraqis posing as Americans kill 5 U.S. Troops

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Sad news

KARBALA, Iraq (CNN) -- Attackers who killed five U.S. troops at a government building in Karbala posed as U.S. military officials to get past Iraqi guards, a Karbala police spokesman said.

The attack happened Saturday as the U.S. military convened a meeting to discuss security for Ashura, the upcoming Shiite pilgrimage to Karbala.

According to police spokesman Abdul Rahman al-Mishawi, about 30 gunmen traveling in a convoy of at least seven SUVs with tinted windows -- similar to the vehicles used by top U.S. military officials -- drove up to the Karbala Provincial Joint Coordination Center wearing uniforms similar to those worn by the U.S. military.

About a dozen U.S. troops were inside the compound at the time, al-Mishawi said.

Around 5:45 p.m., the gunmen cleared an Iraqi police checkpoint outside the center by flashing fake identification badges and speaking some English, al-Mishawi said.

Al-Mishawi said it is standard procedure for U.S. troops not to jointly man the checkpoint. He said U.S. personnel insist on passing without going through a security screening.

The attackers went through three checkpoints to enter the center, he said.

The first U.S. casualty in the attack was a soldier sitting in a Humvee outside a meeting of U.S. and Iraqi security officials.

The assailants targeted only U.S. soldiers, al-Mishawi said, adding that not a single Iraqi soldier or police officer was killed.

Several of the SUVs used in the attack were found late Saturday in neighboring Babil province, along with two of the suspected gunmen, an official in Baghdad said. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the gunmen were wounded and detained by the Americans, but the U.S. military said the two were found dead.

When asked why Iraqi police did not intervene to stop the gunmen from fleeing, al-Mishawi said "they assumed it was American-on-American violence and wanted to stay out of it."

Al-Mishawi said Monday that "the Americans have shut down the provincial government compound and everyone is being interrogated from the police chief, officers, down to the average policemen."

The Karbala deaths made Saturday one of the deadliest days for the U.S. military since the war began almost four years ago, with 25 troops killed. Twelve of those troops died in a military helicopter crash. (Full story)

Ashura commemorates the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed. It attracts millions of pilgrims.

Karbala has has two of the holiest shrines for Shiites -- the Imam Hussein and Imam Abu Fadhel al-Abbas.

In Baghdad on Monday, at least 75 people were killed and 160 wounded in a pair of nearly simultaneous car bombings in a used clothing market. (Full story)

CNN's Sam Dagher and Michael Holmes contributed to this report

"Dumb is as dumb does."

Hey, more typical arrse arrogance - what a surprise. A Brit gets killed and we have endless RiP messages, whereas 5 Yanks get effectively merdered and it's because they are dumb.

Crabby, Giblets - you are morons. How many British soldiers let themselves get searched before going into an Iraqi 'secure' location. Absolutely none. Fine, the Americans got suprised, but by the audacity of the attack, not because of being 'dumb'. No one does force protection better than the Yanks. Our army would be in a much better state if we were half as disciplined as they are.
got to agree with smoker, c'mon guys, if it was on a yank website and they where calling our dead stupid and saying it was their own fault we'd be outraged.



It doesnt state anything about being a yank base. It does say around a dozen US soldiers were in the compound. To my knowledge no coalition forces are stopped and searched by Iraqi security forces. The yanks were probably escorting someone to a meeting with the provincial governor. The fact that a dozen fought off around 30 insurgents at close range speaks volumes for their professionalism. It goes without saying your going to take casualties in that.


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Security is everyones responsibility. If the Iraqi guards aren't allowed to stop US soldiers or get grief everytime they do then that sort of thing is going to happen. Its a shame but it seems that US forces need to swallow some pride when it comes to field security.

Note the attack in the US base in 2004 in which a suicide bomber managed to infiltrate a US cookhouse and detonate, killing about 16!

RIP to the US soldiers.


Wench, breaches in security happen. You can have the place locked up as tight as possible, all it takes is one moment or lapse. They only have to get lucky once. How many times did the ira breach Brit bases? HQNI being a prime example. The results are horrific, but you cant start yank bashing over that.
I think we may be going slightly off thread here folks.
RIP to them all.
However, as has already been said the sheer audacity of this attack has been a surprise. I have never heard of an attack like this happeneng yet. (but stand by to be corrected)
I would hardly call that sort of attack insurgency either. That is not indiscriminate rocket attacks or IED's we are dealing with here. This attack was obviously well thought out and meticulously planned and they hit the Americans hard.
Are they upping their game?

As our septic cousins put it, no-one bats a thousand. Mistakes happen. Does'nt make it any less of a tragedy when soldiers die, though.


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wrighty said:
Wench, breaches in security happen. You can have the place locked up as tight as possible, all it takes is one moment or lapse. They only have to get lucky once. How many times did the ira breach Brit bases? HQNI being a prime example. The results are horrific, but you cant start yank bashing over that.

I'm not yank bashing. However, all MNF in Iraq know how resourceful the enemy is. Thats why sy needs to 100% all the time. That means checking everyones ID everytime they enter AND leave a location.
SLRboy said:
Remember when that cnut was shipping to Cuba un-uniformed unlawful combatants?

Whilst I do not agree that this is not the place to discuss the ethics / lawfullness of the Iraq war and wish you would go away SLR boy, can I just point out that an un-uniformed combatant would be an unlawful combatant so there is no need to use all the words. Unlawful combatants are not covered by the GC's and can be held captive by the opposing side.

If, as I guess you did, mean non-combatants, then it is a different kettle of fish with regards to the GC's but please in future use the correct terminology. If a soldier made the mistake of mixing up non combatants and unlawful combatants there would be serious repercussions.

Now go away and come back when you actually have a clue what you are talking about, even then can you please leave it to the right threads.
Thread edited.

This thread is about American Soldiers who died. This could just as easily have been our own people, so keep the insults and misguided attempts at 'humour' to yourselves.

As previously pointed out by myself, and on this thread by others, we'd be enraged if our people were spoken about on a US forum in that fashion, have some respect.

If you want to get into a slanging match, do it by PM's.


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