Iraqis make a martyr of dead British soldier

I hope this story is true , as it is a very high honour indeed.

Doesn't it have to be cleared through the college of Islamic scholars or some such though? I hope they see what an all round positive effect a confirmation of this declaration could have.

I'd like to see a similar honour for Margaret Hassan too.


War Hero
OldRedCap said:
....... also committed murder. Don't forget though that there are no war crimes on the winning side.

Well there weren't until this conflict.

Surely this (somewhat moot) point is the same as the Freedom fighter/terrorist arguement. As the British/US Govts decided the timetable and decided the war was over then they are the ones claiming it is murder. Would be murder if it was in full battle? Maybe the 'enemy sniper' is still at war.
Old Red Cap wrote:
Don't forget though that there are no war crimes on the winning side.

I'm with you fatblerk, we have had more than a few trumped up idiotic, appease the PC/anti-war/unwashed hippy brigade "war crimes" leveled against the Army.

And yet the government still wonder why morale is low or blokes don't want to go on ops where they either get killed or done for "war crimes".


DISCOS said:
Finnjim, I think you should move further North in the Artic circle, somewhere with no internet connection, so we don't have to read anymore sh!te off you.

It's good to hear something positive coming from something awful, and from Iraq.
Your powers of debate leave me totally underwhellmed.
I believe that to be an organ donor, one has to be brain dead, please give generously.


sad that another one our guys was killed but t least the iraqis havegot some rwespect for work we are trying to do

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