Iraqis in Osprey?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ironrations, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Just caught ITV news, and there were Iraqis (it looked like) kicking about in a full set of osprey, have we started giving it away to the locals before we even have enough sets for us (training etc)?
  2. Funny that. I noticed some chogies in a humvee, wearing desert NBC suit (First time I've ever seen such stuff) and having osprey on top. They were having a wee bit of a barney with the local scrapyard/dump owner. Arabic, but the tone was less that friendly.
    Seen some civvies wearing it too, but in the dark blue covers.

    I really think the powers that be are getting even madder by the hour.
  3. Iraqi's are knocking up buckshee ripoffs down the market. Poor IPS lot are having to fork out for their own body armour. Some of it is ropey as f*ck.
  4. As a reseller most of the kit I see at suppliers warehouse they're is loads, any squaddie going they're would have a field day, that goes for osprey covers and desert NBC, a desert NBC kit brand new is a couple of quid, like, not even a fiver,
  5. Iraqi SF wear all sorts of British and Yank kit.
    There was one guy in Basra wearing full British desert DPM, Osprey, camelbak and kneepads. The only thing he had on that wasn't British was his helmet. He'd bought it all from someone on the market.
  6. Did he have an AK47 or an A2? ;)