Iraqi wins case against Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. From the Express, sister paper to a porn empire!

    TCH was obviously an excellent lawyer in practice.....NOT! It appears that now every instance of use of force or death will have to be investigated.
  2. Is the British tax payer going to have to foot the bill? And these muppets are trying to save money everywhere with 'cuts' in everything........

    For f**ks sake..........
  3. I have just watched the nauseating Phil Shiner spouting about his 'great victory' on BBC News 24. Apparently this case marks the end of 'torture by the British Army', which really says rathr more about him than it does about teh army. He now wants an independent inquiry into the death of every Iraqi in the area controlled by UK forces. He is backed up by a screeching Spam woman who represents a human rights organisation.

    Odd that the loathsome Shiner isn't off to Iraq to seek justice for the people tortured and killed by the B'aathists.

    Quite why this appalling creature is so unpatriotic and anti-military is not clear.

    Naturally, if soldiers were at fault they should be dealt with appropriately - there can be no excuse for behaving outside the ROE. However, it seems to me that this is a case where Shiner et al want an inquiry which will produce the 'right' result, Bloody Sunday stylee. Oh, and let's not forget the compensation - if they don't get that he doesn't get paid.
  4. [quote="ViroBono
    Quite why this appalling creature is so unpatriotic and anti-military is not clear. quote]

    Simple, really. Money and publicity, leading to more cases and even more money. :twisted:
  5. And probably leading to a political career? :evil:
  6. Probably the icing on the cake for the self-serving ba*tard. Gives him the perfect credentials for Neue Arbeit.