Iraqi warrant merits a tally of 1 and 1

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An Iraqi judge has issued an arrest warrant for one Francis Brooke an "evangelical Christian" associate of Ahmed Chalabi. Mr. Brooke is - gasp!!! - an American.

So far US Forces have proven inept in the execution of a similar warrant for al-Sadr. Any one want to make book that the US boys in desert fatiques will fare any better apprehending Mr. Brooke?
Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi
By Colin Freeman, Charles Laurence and Damien Mcelroy
(Filed: 06/06/2004)
An arrest warrant has been issued for Ahmed Chalabi's right-hand man in Baghdad, the American consultant Francis Brooke, who tried to stop the recent raid on the politician's headquarters in the Iraqi capital.
In the latest in a series of damaging blows for Mr Chalabi, an Iraqi judge said that Mr Brooke had obstructed the Iraqi police. He is believed to have returned to Washington, leaving his former master to tackle claims that his Iraqi National Congress passed American secrets to Iran.

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