Iraqi tribes in Anbar arrest 270 Arab and foreign al-Qaeda

Must be true if iraqthemodel blogspot says so. :wink:

Another piece from the very same source that iraqthemodel blogspot points to - but one it chooses not to pass on to the american masses: :wink:

Dar al-Hayat said:
Ayoon Wa Azan (Hated American Policy)

It seems like the Bush administration is facing difficulties in Iraq that are greater than it is admitting or that we know. This time, it's blaming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, instead of Syria, its favorite target.

While Saudi Arabia is waging war against extremists inside its borders, it is not helping in preventing the spread of terrorism. It's not stopping the flow of money from Saudi Arabians to terrorist cells around the world. Many young men who are suspected of being involved in terrorism have fled from the Saudi security network and fled across borders that are not guarded well to Iraq.
Full text here:

Nice to get a rounded perspective sometimes...

Very interesting - if the locals have decided they no longer need AQ to shoot at the Americans that could mean several things:

1. Peace is breaking out, happy happy joy joy and so on - forward into a democratic future in a spirit of islamic brotherhood (no sisterhood, back in the burqa for you Doris);
2. They feel they can take on the US alone without a bunch of creepy jihadi imports cluttering the place up;
3. AQ have stopped shooting at the US as they shoot back and started targeting the locals so time for them to go.

And as for Saudi Arabia, the blind spot the US have there is breath-taking. Bin-Laden (a Saudi) dropped the WTC using mostly Saudis funded by Saudi money - which comes from Joe Redneck fuelling his SUV in the good old US of A. So the US invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. Does that make sense to anyone ?

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