Iraqi TA

Anonymous sources have revealed that there is no truth to current reports that Iraqi soldiers are insisting on serving in their home areas. To the contrary, in a stunning blow to Administration plans for a draw-down of American forces in favor of “Iraqi-ization,” the entire Iraqi army has now demanded transfers — completely out of Iraq.

As expressed by one Master-Sergeant in the Iraqi military, “I’ll even settle for Afghanistan, anything to get out of this meshuganah place.” One corporal even asked if there was a U.S. military base in Buffalo, N.Y., stating that he had repeatedly “heard from your Mr.Tim Russert that it is a modern-day Shangri-La.”

Although Muslim men are, of course, literally medieval about traditional gender roles, every recruit who went on record said that in order to escape their current living hell, they’d be willing to serve with women, gays, and if necessary, even RuPaul.

While this appears to be a major setback to Administration policy, James Baker, who is leading a task force to devise creative solutions to Iraq, has come up with a “modest proposal.”

Under the “Baker Plan,” all Iraqi military personnel will be assigned border-protection duty in the familiar climate of the southern United States, and the “Minutemen,” who are currently handling those duties, will be dispatched to Iraq, where their lifespans will then closely mirror their nickname.
Could we see Iraqi troops here in UK in some sort of TA role?
Wise up! Don't talk rubbish!
OldRedCap said:
Could we see Iraqi troops here in UK in some sort of TA role?
Could they join under the foreign and commonwealth contingent? Woudl Iraq have to join the commonwealth? Or could they escape to Pakistahn and join from there? Hmm How exactly did the junior members of the Jordanian Royal family serve in the 13th/18th Hussars? .

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