Iraqi Sues over Blurred Genitals

Al-Malenk is demanding $25 million from US Occupation authorities
For $25 million you can blur my genitals with the smallest blur in the world!!

Well - actually you wouldn't need a very big one anyhow :oops:
Whew..... I needed that..... been a rough day.....

THAT was funny...... Of course MY blur would have to be........ oh hell, never mind....... :lol:
Silent, you being a fishead, you would have needed a double blur as you would have had shippers best deck hand hanging out your ring. As I understand the rules of the sea anyway.


Kinda begs the question, who blurred the genitals; the Army or the US/Foreign media? Or were they blurred before being uploaded into all those MP laptops.

I would not ask for money though. Ask to have Kermmit, Sanchez, Rumy, and Bush all bare it. Then have the world media Blair it as the US public laugh it until all becomes a blur as the public focuses on heads rolling. :wink:

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