Iraqi stone throwers sue the army4beatings HOOF THIS THREAD!

Having read all the "bad press" about the aleged hiding the rock throwers got I was dissappointed to see that the papers were all to keen to use words such as "shameless" and "not again"

reading further into this article the rag head involved claimed " we came into town to demonstrate and surprisingly saw the british, we blamed them for all our problems and began to start throwing stones at them. then somne soldiers emerged and arrested us, dragged us into the camp and proceeded to beat us with batons"
well, what did this fcuking wnaker expect? he tips up with a gang of soap dodgers armed with petrol bombs and rocks and is surprised that he gets a hiding when he gets caught?
If someone started petrol bombing/stoning my house i'd be out there with a baton to give whoever is doing it a good tw@tting too.
there is a lesson to be learnt here, if you chuck rocks and bombs at soldiers AND get caught, expect a fcuking good hiding.
no wonder we all think they are fcuking idiots, what were they seriosly expecting to get?
"hello there old man, fancy a cup of tea and a slice of cake?..lovely weather today...."
well I for one take my hat off to the boys for not putting up with the shiit that came upon them.
The politicians and newspapers want to take a bloody good look at what they are doing in the tabloids coming out with all this "shameless" bullshiit.
War is not nice, and unfortunately this type of thing happens.

as for the compensation they are seeking, perhaps they should get the compensation they actually deserve for stoning british soldiers? Another fcuking beating with a big stick!
Keep up the good work you boys out there. I think you did the right thing
hear hear
Total agreement. All the people I speak "down the local and in the Working Mans Club" all are of the same opinion. I can't understand where the media get this idea of public outcry. I've yet to meet anyone who thinks the troops behaviour was wrong. Lets hope if anyone ends up in court over this that atleast they end up in front of a judge that has visited planet earth once in a while!


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Some things go without saying, well said.

It just shows the power or misuse of power by the press.

Well said copey.

Up here in Jockland only Bob Shields ( daily record columist) has defended the troops. he has been to the GIFA and seen what it is like out there, so has a proper view on the subject. unlike the rest of the C*nts who just write crap on any subject.
Bob Shields

Sorry it is'nt the column but this is the best I can find.
Accurate assessement old boy. Should'nt we also boycot the News of World?
They hate the Western World so much but they are willing to get into our "sue anyone for anything" culture, ok then...

And lets not forget about the people (sometimes muslims) that slag off our country/way of life/government, basically slag off everything we do and stand for...

And then nip down the dole office for their weeky 'doing fcuk all' cheque

Having got a bit of a kicking on op tag training ."come and help out the regulars with riot training it will be fun" said the psi
:lol: . The little shi ts should have run faster what on earth did anyone expect counselling?

When the court case happens reinact exactly what happened and do the lawyers as well :twisted:
Well said ,that man!! Wonder if the press made such b****ks when riots were dispersed in Belfast in the 70's? What am I saying,Talk sh***?Thats all the press do!!!
The worst of it is the papers like News of hte World and others make a big point of wanting what's best for 'Our Lads' as they like to press upon every one. But when sensationalist stories like this come along they jump on the same bandwagon as every other p.c. lefty, 'they have rights also and you cannot impune on their civil liberites' type paper.

Blxs. You throw a brick at someone you expect to get your arse kicked. Shame the muppet doing the voice over was there though.
Oberleutnant_vn_Genschler said:
Total agreement. All the people I speak "down the local and in the Working Mans Club" all are of the same opinion. I can't understand where the media get this idea of public outcry. I've yet to meet anyone who thinks the troops behaviour was wrong. Lets hope if anyone ends up in court over this that atleast they end up in front of a judge that has visited planet earth once in a while!
my troop commander does got a bollocking (that i found hard to take seriously) the other day becuase i used the words "deserved heads got rag what they" not in that order
and my mum belives the papers she is a bit of a new labour fan 8O
Good effort.
I've done as much as a student to sort out a troublemaker with someone who went on to become an MP.

We got blood all over our dress shirts.
After following the Discussion, I have a few points.

I neither condone or condemn what happened.

All is Fair in Love and War, and ..this is not peace

The Boys did do something wrong ...they were caught.

Such Violence is, and always has been Prevalent in such is an unfortunate by product of war. Look at the Russians in Chechenya and Afghanistan, the British in India, the Serbs and the Bosnians, the Yanks and the Viet cong in Vietnam. Men are under Pressure, in extreme situations and are itching to have a go at an enemy they cannot see or combat. Sometimes all the training and Discipline in the World cannot prevent such events.

Our Politicians lead by example...They Lie, cheat and mislead, s***** wars under False pretences, fabricate intelligence reports - but they are either above the law or make sure that they don´t get caught.

If someone is caught then the Howling is loud especially if the Papers get hold of it. It carries on regardless after the noise has died down. We`ve all been in and know how much goes on and never gets mentioned

Its about time we stopped all this civilised cr@p and went in with both Fists. Its going to happen eventually anyway. You CANNOT deal rationally with these people. They will let you feed them, help them, Arm them and educate them..and when they are strong enough and you think that they are your friends, they will try to kill you because you are an Infidel and because their Mullahs tell them that you are the cause of all their Misery.

Its a different Kettle of Fish to N.I. - The Average Paddy did his thing and made sure that he got out of it. A large Majority of the Islamic Fanatics don`t care if they die...they`re off to Heaven as martyrs. They Guy with the Suicide vest doesn´t care if you open fire..He just wants to take as many with him as possible.

As I said, I don`t condone or Condemn what the Guys did..but I can Understand why it happened.

Maybe we`ll all end up in the Sandpit when the first Strikes land on Teheran
But why was it filmed in the first place. I hope the idiot who filmed it gets beaten with a big stick.
I hate the press. I hate the way the press operates. And I hate the soapdodgers the most. I have been shot at, and shelled in Iraq and I would have loved to have gotten those responsible and slotted them ALL. They changed the rules of engagement too quickly. If someone threw a petrol bomb at me I would much prefer to just slot them. We are currently far too nice to these people. They were used to the kind of treatment under saddam's regime and we came along and beat them with sticks for throwing stones. My god. What would have happened to those little wnkers five years ago for doing that. Locked up and tortured (if they were lucky). We are too soft with them and they know it.....
lets just hope that the newspapers read this, the scum bags out there were ruled by a malitia type policing before we came along and they say that we are beinbg too hard on them now?
cheeky tw@ts.
Im tired of seeing these scum bags on the telly burning our flag and getting away with it.
Imagine a gozen of us tipped up in the middle east and burnt their flag on national tv. whats the odds on our feet not touching the floor on route to the cells for a lifetime of beatings and buggery?
These people cannot be reasoned with, they will not listen and they could never be trusted,they will bite the hand that feeds them. unless we get tough out there with a zero tollerance policing system (ie shoot first and ask questions later)(precisely what they were used to before we tipped up) then these people are never going to take us seriously.
"if your seen with or can be connected to the unlawful use of a firearm you will be shot"
"if you are a known associate of or are involved in inciting any form of illegal doings, you will be arrested/shot"
"if you are caught on the street after a certain time witout good cause you are likely to be arrested or shot"
this is what these people are used to. They were ruled by fear AND it worked.Anything less than this is a joke to them.l
Its time to get tough and lay down some laws that they will take notice of

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