Iraqi stone throwers sue the army4beatings HOOF THIS THREAD!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Having read all the "bad press" about the aleged hiding the rock throwers got I was dissappointed to see that the papers were all to keen to use words such as "shameless" and "not again"

    reading further into this article the rag head involved claimed " we came into town to demonstrate and surprisingly saw the british, we blamed them for all our problems and began to start throwing stones at them. then somne soldiers emerged and arrested us, dragged us into the camp and proceeded to beat us with batons"
    well, what did this fcuking wnaker expect? he tips up with a gang of soap dodgers armed with petrol bombs and rocks and is surprised that he gets a hiding when he gets caught?
    If someone started petrol bombing/stoning my house i'd be out there with a baton to give whoever is doing it a good tw@tting too.
    there is a lesson to be learnt here, if you chuck rocks and bombs at soldiers AND get caught, expect a fcuking good hiding.
    no wonder we all think they are fcuking idiots, what were they seriosly expecting to get?
    "hello there old man, fancy a cup of tea and a slice of cake?..lovely weather today...."
    well I for one take my hat off to the boys for not putting up with the shiit that came upon them.
    The politicians and newspapers want to take a bloody good look at what they are doing in the tabloids coming out with all this "shameless" bullshiit.
    War is not nice, and unfortunately this type of thing happens.

    as for the compensation they are seeking, perhaps they should get the compensation they actually deserve for stoning british soldiers? Another fcuking beating with a big stick!
    Keep up the good work you boys out there. I think you did the right thing
  2. hear hear
  3. Well said.
  4. Total agreement. All the people I speak "down the local and in the Working Mans Club" all are of the same opinion. I can't understand where the media get this idea of public outcry. I've yet to meet anyone who thinks the troops behaviour was wrong. Lets hope if anyone ends up in court over this that atleast they end up in front of a judge that has visited planet earth once in a while!
  5. ABSOLUTLEY !!!!!! Well put.

    Regards LT.
  6. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some things go without saying, well said.

    It just shows the power or misuse of power by the press.

  7. Spot on ... WELL PUT!
  8. Well said copey.

    Up here in Jockland only Bob Shields ( daily record columist) has defended the troops. he has been to the GIFA and seen what it is like out there, so has a proper view on the subject. unlike the rest of the C*nts who just write crap on any subject.
    Bob Shields

    Sorry it is'nt the column but this is the best I can find.
  9. Accurate assessement old boy. Should'nt we also boycot the News of World?
  10. The only crime was some wnker videoed them.

    If you walk softly and carry a big stick, ocasionally there will be a need to use it.
  11. They hate the Western World so much but they are willing to get into our "sue anyone for anything" culture, ok then...

    And lets not forget about the people (sometimes muslims) that slag off our country/way of life/government, basically slag off everything we do and stand for...

    And then nip down the dole office for their weeky 'doing fcuk all' cheque

  12. Having got a bit of a kicking on op tag training ."come and help out the regulars with riot training it will be fun" said the psi
    :lol: . The little shi ts should have run faster what on earth did anyone expect counselling?

    When the court case happens reinact exactly what happened and do the lawyers as well :twisted:
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well said ,that man!! Wonder if the press made such b****ks when riots were dispersed in Belfast in the 70's? What am I saying,Talk sh***?Thats all the press do!!!
  14. The worst of it is the papers like News of hte World and others make a big point of wanting what's best for 'Our Lads' as they like to press upon every one. But when sensationalist stories like this come along they jump on the same bandwagon as every other p.c. lefty, 'they have rights also and you cannot impune on their civil liberites' type paper.

    Blxs. You throw a brick at someone you expect to get your arse kicked. Shame the muppet doing the voice over was there though.
  15. my troop commander does got a bollocking (that i found hard to take seriously) the other day becuase i used the words "deserved heads got rag what they" not in that order
    and my mum belives the papers she is a bit of a new labour fan 8O