Iraqi Soldier Kills Two American GIs During Joint Mission

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Blue on Blue is one thing, but the case as stated is likely to increase imo.
  3. Suprised this hasnt happened before tbh nothing stopping insurgents joining the iraqi army,get money get armed and get a chance to take cheap shots at septics
  4. And 72 virgins if you cop it yourself whilst trying!
  5. can see the appeal... :D
  6. Crassly insensitive post deleted by Mod - think how you'd feel if an American posted this in a thread about British troops being killed. Now go outside and have a word with yourself.
  7. True, 72 dirty NAAFI slags that smoke blokes for drinks would be a whole new kettle of stinky fish!
  8. I remember going on my first MITT tasking to 10 Div in being a bit apprehensive having been told that their last general who had ordered them to prepare for ops in Baghdad had been shot for his troubles. We were escorting his replacement - all eight of us.
    Neednt have worried they were most accomodating - I was even offered some bum-love by one of their storemen, which was rather touching really - he was quite insistent :p
  9. I'm sure the death of those two American soldiers has been quite the masturbatory fantasy for you.

    Ignorant twit. Do yourself a favor and delete your comment or go do the world a favor and eat a bullet.
  10. I find it strange that Iraqi Offical knew the killer had links to militant groups. Has US Int/Sy fcuked up and not identified the individual as a threat?

    I suggest for any future joint patrols that the Iraqi be issued with simunition. If he is legit during a contact there will still be fire being laid down to the enemy, albeit non-lethal. If he is not legit then at least he will be easily found out without losing any troops.

    Could this whole incident just be someone who has lost the plot and shot these blokes out of madness rather than terrorist intent? Seems the more plausible to me.
  11. This very sad.However given the infiltration of the Iraqi security forces,it may happen again.It's hard enough on patrol,watching those outside the brick trying to do you harm,without worrying about people,inside the brick,thinking of the same thing.Stay safe gentelemen,if possible.
  12. There were those five US snipers who all got shot at suspiciously close range a while back. What's odd is this one got caught. Wonder if that was mixed sect unit?

    With the "Awakening" thing, were the folks who were formally counting coup on US troops are now getting paid to pursue more dedicated "AQI" members it's remarkable that more chaps haven't fallen this way.
  13. Im amased it hasnt happened much more, just wondering how many contacts of joint operations are down to inside information. What ever happend to the Septic Muslim soldier who threw grenades into the O group of Septic Officers soon after the war started?
  14. Sixty

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    Sergeant Hasan Akbar: Sentenced to death in 2005 and upheld in 2006. Currently awaiting an automatic appeal of the sentence.
  15. Thats the badger, cheers Sixty, bet he got a sh*te CR for that. Who the fcuk would want to represent him for a dispicable crime like that........mmm I forgot what leeches the defence lawyers are :x