Iraqi Sniper Training


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In 1943, at Bletchley Park, Colossus an early computing device used by British codebreakers was installed to read encrypted German messages.

Dude, shortly thereafter was the first time that clip was forwarded.
Ah Ford, leave the lad alone.

He's trying his best, although if the singing gopher with animated bollocks get linked I may become upset.


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Following on from "Iraqi Sniper Training" I would pose the question of what is the most forwarded "funny" e-mail or which clip is most beasted in Army presentations. Not to be confused with the "Internet links/video's/pictures" in the NAAFI bar. Here worse is better, extra points for a link etc.

I'll kick off proceedings with an e-mail that I've received about 10 times and whose imagery firstly added a few serials to the WMB and latterly (and by stark contrast) reminds me of going to any supermarket or squaddie friendly bar in a Garrison town:

Nah, it's one of the lads from 17 sport and pastime in drag during a "run ashore".


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You can never tell on Tyneside; it could be that she sucks cock for methadone, she’s spent the last ten years opening WKD bottles with her gob or indeed whether they are the natural gaps caused by the transition from her milk teeth!
the worst fact of all is that she is wearing the same gore-tex as mine, one that i purchased in the vein of hope that it would be out of the chavist/mong price-range. Bitch probably half-inched it.


Do you think that wearing all them man made fibres in a club may cause a BO problem 8O
You hang out there often then GDR1? :D


How thin is that bird in the background?

She makes Skelator look obese!!!!

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