Iraqi Shoe thrower jailed.


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An Iraqi journalist hailed as a hero in the Arab world for throwing his shoes at former US President George W Bush has been jailed for three years.

Justice then...

Defence lawyers had called for the charges to be dismissed, saying Mr Bush had never been in serious danger.


Mr Zaidi has been held in custody ever since. His lawyers said he was beaten by prison guards, although he has looked healthy at court appearances.

Anyone sense a signed, sealed and agreed political asylum claim over here just in time for him to be let out....?


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Quite bloody right jailing him - he missed after all ! :twisted:
if he had thrown it at saddam he would have "disapeared" wouldn't he?
dangerousdave said:
3 years is better than being stoned to death tho isn't it. Some people in the UK should remember that when showing outrage/protests etc :? :roll:

First offence.
Wonder what would have happened had it been one of the princes from the house of Saud. Likely would have been riddled with bullets by the time the shoe hit the wall.

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