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Iraqi Procurement Cycle


Is the real reason we are all up in arms about Iraq and their WMD simply because we are jealous of their efficient procurement procedures.  Think about it:

1.   1991 - Iraq war machine destroyed.  Govt in tatters.
2.   1991-2002 - Heavy sanctions and until 1998 wpns inspectors.
3.   2002 - WMD on 45 mins NTM.

Maybe we could learn something from them!!!!!


Or perhaps we should be teaching them: they used to be major customers for western arms and now that "Fcuk you" Jack Straw has admitted that the government does not have an "ethical foreign policy" (whatever that is) and is cheerfully selling Hawk jets to any unstable nuclear power we should welcome Iraq back into the fold.

Then we could sell them:
  • Tornado fighters with lumps of concrete in the nose where the air-to-air radar ought to be (Ex RAF for most of the cold war).
  • Tornado bombers that can't drop bombs post their BAE SYSTEMS upgrade (currently supporting a ground offensive near you).
  • Nuclear weapons that won't fit on the nose of their delivery system (Ex RN for much of the early cold war).
  • The SA 80 (don't get me started).
  • Options for change (Business process re-engineering for the Republican Guard)
If that doesn't reduce Sadam to the level of an almost insignificant threat then we must be the most powerful army in the world!

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