Iraqi president suffers apparent heart attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Devil_Dog, Feb 25, 2007.

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    If this man dies, I am of the opinion that whatever is left of the Iraqi goverment wil die with him.
  2. DD, their so called Government is none too stable even with the blighter alive, IMO.
  3. Hi Oddball. Long time no see.

    Talabani is the chewing gum that is holding this and the future of Kurdistan together. If he goes and the next puppet is an Arab, the Kurds might make it official and close "their" borders.
  4. Hi, DD! I have a message for you from someone important!


    JUST KIDDING, before our British friends take exception at my nonsense.
  5. Very possibly. Al Sadr seems to be the true power there, if I may say. Still, losing Talabani would not do much to stabilize things, for sure.
  6. Working in that hell on earth centre of death carnage and despair would be enough to give anyone heart disease.

  7. Tony? Hardly an endorsement if I may say so myself. But thanks for the thought.

    Edited for silliness.
  8. D_D, don't forget the intravenous Viagra necessary for such a gruesome deed.
  9. Did someone shout, "BANG!" behind him?