Iraqi POW & RRF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 30, 2003.

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  1. gagging and binding? i thought thats what you were supposed to do.
  2. Sending tour/OP photo's to Boots for developing is equally as daft as sending your laptop to PC world with hardcore Goldie Hawn on it.

    Bloke should have bought a digital camera  ;)
  3. Well on first sight, it looks a rum business, now lets look at another scenario.

    "This particular prisoner, proved beyond a doubt, during the post capture and peliminary interrogation phase, to be a danger to himself and others.

    The prisoner was initially loosely tied , but after trying to bite and spit at his captors and fellow prisoners, as well throwing himself, with some force, to the ground, at every possible opportunity,we were left with no option.

    Therefore for his own, and the safety of all concerned, we padded a cargo net, inserted him in it, suspended him from the fork lift tongs, so in a state of support, with supervision, he couldn't present a danger to himself and others."

    You may despatch my large case of yellow handbag to the usual address  ;D

    Edited to take out the political comment, and stating the bleeding obvious
  4. I'm sure the soldiers were provoked by the prisoner for him to be strung up like that!

    Maybe, he told them he didn't like their uniform, that the cut wasn't right, or maybe he called them girlies.... 8)
  5. Hmmm,

    How do we know its an actual PoW in the cargo net? And taking photos of it...?

    Sounds more like something you'd do to the OC on his birthday.... ::)
  6. Or the Adj .......  ;D

    Or maybe he made budgie noises?   ;D
  7. if he did make budgie noises - he deserves to die, not just get strung up. I'd have shot the fcuker!!!
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The Germans made it quite  clear in 1943, do not send films to Von Boots of any atrocities!

    Bloody hell, we did that to 'bayonets' in our warehouse in the 1980's, no danger of course and they were fully compliant! They only missed the NAAFI wagon!
    I wouldn't be suprised if it turns out to be like the Marine's bullet holed helmet, just a jolly jape! And if it is an OC I hope he was left up there and missed dinner!
  9. I can see the bright lad who had the photos developed, becoming a permanent fixture on a certain CQMS's "Wheel o' Dicking"  ;D
  10. Not surpriningly, since it has appeared in the Sun, it now appears that 'sex acts' are also depictedin said photo's.

    How to increase your circulation to the mindless masses with the use of 2 simple words!! Editor on commission??

    Looking forward to the apology if (hopefully when) all turns out hunky dory.

    Note to self:  Must remember to vet films before submitting to Boots in future....
  11. Sex acts?

    In other words they've got the pictures of the Shower queues?

    and it's in The Sun? Official mouthpiece of the Labour collective

    Makes you wonder if RRF is also in line for the chop come SDR II/III. Starting to sound like a smear campaign, bit like another fine Regiment has had , by coincidence.
  12. After GW1 a friend of a friend sent his photos to boots for development - He had taken all the usual pics - him and his mate in the desert, 2 dead iraqis, him sitting onto of his truck, 3 dead iraqis! you know that sort of thing and they developed them! Except they put stickers over the faces of the dead bodies when returning them to him!

    He was a Strange Puppy ;)