Iraqi PM vows to tackle terrorism

Iraq's new Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has vowed that he will use "maximum force" against terrorism, while also promoting national reconciliation.
Mr Maliki was speaking as the Iraqi cabinet met for the first time since it was approved by parliament on Saturday.

His comments came as the Iraqi capital was hit by a series of bomb attacks.

In the deadliest incident a suicide bomber killed 13 people and injured 18 in an attack on a crowded restaurant in Baghdad's Karada district.

Police said that least five people were killed and dozens injured in several other bomb attacks elsewhere in the city.
"We will use maximum force against terrorism, but we also need a national initiative," Mr Maliki said.

"Weapons should only be allowed in the hands of the government. Militias, death squads, terrorism, killings and assassinations are not normal and we should put an end to the militias," he said.
Right, so we can look forward to the Five-o turning up at the next session of Parliament and banging the speedkuffs on several of your colleagues allegedly involved in Militia activity and personal self-gain then Prime minister?

Oh sorry we can't , because who will run Security, Defence and Interior remain unresolved, and they should have been the first departments sorted out. So more blowing hot air up our collective arrses then.

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