Iraqi PM denies Iranian interference

Is our info duff or is this a man trying not to piss off certain sections of his population with deep symapthies for their next door neighbour?

Ibrahim Jaafari, the Iraqi prime minister, has rejected accusations that Iran has been interfering in Iraq's internal affairs.

His comments came after Tony Blair said evidence pointed to Iranian involvement in a series of roadside bombings.

Mr Jaafari told Iranian state television: "Such accusations are baseless and we do not agree with them at all.

"Relations between Iran and Iraq are currently very friendly and strong and expanding. We are proud of the situation."

Earlier Mr Blair, speaking after talks with Jalal Talabani, the Iraqi president, at Downing Street, said: "What is clear is that there has been new explosive devices used, not just against British troops, but elsewhere in Iraq.

"The particular nature of these devices lead us either to Iranian elements or to Hizbollah, because they are similar to the devices used by Hizbollah, which is funded and supported by Iran."

Mr Blair added that there was no conclusive proof that Iran was involved.;jsessionid=1W44RCWGZSTW1QFIQMGCM5OAVCBQUJVC?xml=/news/2005/10/06/uiran.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/10/06/ixportaltop.html
Well he is a Shiite and was up and till 2004 the main spokesman for the Tehran backed Islamic Da'wa party.
Jaafari is also safe in the knowledge that the Americans and the British have no choice but to support the present Iraqi governemnt, given the fact that there is not alternative and no plan B. So he can happily denounce the UK claims safe in the knowledge they can not take any measures against him.
Not that sure what to make of a Sunni reaction, in one way it prove and opportunity but in another way it may worsen their anger against us as no doubt many will take the view that it was western actions in the first place that let the Iranians in.

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