iraqi ministry of misinformation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Apr 8, 2003.

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  1. ;) seems that , Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf's briefing is verging on "walter mitty" proportions , this man needs help definitly his sense of reality is slipping  :eek:
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What's the problem?  He's obviously auditioning for a job as a BBC or Channel 4 News Correspondent.  

    He's got all the attributes - hates Yanks, Brits, and ignores anything close to the truth that doesn't fit in with his hackneyed world view.  We'll see him on Panorama as soon as maybe (either that, or working for the Mirror) :D
  3. Recently he seems to be having acute difficulty keeping a straight face - I think that he knows that he's talking complete fantasy so he might as well enjoy it.  
  4. I think he's part of an org (maybe the Iraqi version of Arrse) who are running a competition to see who can tell the biggest lie to the press without laughing.
  5. Alistair Campbell had better watch out for his job!!
  6. I like the guy, I mean you have to admire his focus, to keep saying all that nonsense with the Yanks sunbathing  in Saddams back garden not more than a kilometre away. And he is always smiling.

    I think he should be the new president of Iraq, and if the Yanks are running things he may just make it (don't forget it was the state dept that put Mobutu in charge of Zaire).

    The King is dead. Long live the King!
  7. Totally agree with you El Pato.  I think that out of the horror of war, we have this man waffling on and on, virtually cross-eyed, about what the Iraqi Army and people are going to do to the oppressors, and US tanks are parked just across the road !!  He really is worth the comedy factor.  I fully expect his next appearance on TV to be wearing underpants on his head, with two pencils stuck up his nose.  Wibble.
  8. Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf was revealed to be in line for the post of Chief of Staff of the White House, President Bush revealed today.

    According to Mr al-Sahaf, if he resigns from his present post, he will be facing a contractual period of gardening leave.  The duration of this is to be confirmed, although the probable location is Guantanamo Bay.  

    Thereafter, with a crash course in colloquial American at the Blitzed Language School, Mr. al-Safah revealed he will be principally employed to read out the results of the next Presidential election...........
  9. Come on ladies and gents, think outside of the box.

    Do you really think that Mr al-Shaaf's game is to look as stupid as possible? He really didn't achieve his position in the Iraqi hierachy by being dumb. Firstly, think WHO his reports are aimed at - western audiences?  I think not.  How about other Arab nations?  If you desperately needed to recruit other Islamic 'freedom fighters' to come and join your jihad, what kind of picture do you want to paint - a small nation fighting off the mighty aggressors, or a tin pot nation who has the enemy sleeping in your palaces already?  If you were a potential recruit to the Iraqi cause, would you join a lost cause? Also bear in mind that other Arab states only watch Al Jazeera - reknowned for its pro-Iraq stance - and Mr al-Shaaf's press conferences are the highlight of the day (apart from the detailed articles featuring blown women and children).

    From a western point of view, Mr al-Shaaf would fit nicely into any of the multitude of news channels.  The ability to turn the most dire of circumstances into a positive outlook deserves a commendation.  Funny thing, where's Alastair Campbell been recently?
  10. He is bound to be the next "Spin Doctor" for a political party..........but which one ? :D
  11. In his youth, my esteemed colleague was one of the first to successfully complete the Media studies masters course at Aston University.

    As you used to say in advertising "Everything we do is driven by you..."

    He has not been able to get to the press conferences today, due to traffic gridlock.  A new congestion charge was introduced in Central Baghdad this morning, it's sucess has taken us by surprise.

    Don't believe what you see on the Western Media, its all really coming from inside area 51.
  12. Due to tanks and whats left of the Iraqi army running for cover in their boxers
  13. Somethings getting lost in the translation here.  Bit confused about "tanks"

    Here's my boxer on the beach in Syria last year [​IMG]
  14. Cool. Shame about the colour though  :-/

    Has the minister in question gone on vacation today? Nice day for the beach  ;D
  15. I like him, I want him to be my uncle.

    You know, the one that argues that black is white and can never agree, this one however does it sober and every day, you don't have to wait until Christmas.

    He's just been on the box saying ' The filthy invading murderers have been slaughtered and are teetering on surrender'

    I laughed my pants off, he says this infront of a row of burning buildings with the distinctive sound of diving A10s behind him......... ;D