Iraqi Military Threatens Retaliation Against Iran

Friday's front page story in the Gulf News, the widest circulating English newspaper in the region, says tensions between Iran and Iraq have escalated in recent weeks.

The newspaper says threats of military action have been made, attributing its source to a senior member of Iraq’s security forces.

General Nazim Mohammad, chief of Iraq’s Border Police in Muntheria, told Gulf News in an interview at his headquarters, on the Iraq-Iran frontier, his forces had come under small arms fire from Iran. Iranian troops had also fired mortars which exploded on Iraqi soil, he said.

American officers confirmed there had been mortar strikes, which they said appeared to hit no-man’s land between Iraqi and Iranian lines.


According to Gen Nazim, however, he and other Iraqi officials were sent by the Ministry of Interior to a meeting with Iranian authorities recently.

“I told the Iranians, mortars from the Iranian side are often being fired on the Iraqi side. I have ordered my soldiers, if Iranian soldiers come close to us, we will open fire directly. If I capture your soldiers, I told them, I will parade them on TV in front of the entire world,” he told Gulf News.

Gen Nazim, who is believed to be well respected by U.S. forces, said his men had arrested several Iranians involved in sabotage.

"Iraq Threatens Iran With Military Action As Tensions Flare" 17 June 2005
This doesn´t sound very credible. It rather sounds as if somebody is looking for reasons to invde Iran.
IMO, the Iranians have nothing to gain and everything to loose if they start messing with the borders. Sure, the Iranian government will work to influence the Shiite community in Iraq, and maybe they´ll help a bit to stir up trouble in Iraq, so that the US military will be kept busy there and not invade Iran, but I doubt that they´ll do anything out in the open.

Yeah crack on Iraqi forces - what with you lot being so highly efficient and numerous, of course you'll win!

Unless Feldmarschall 'I've never served' Bush will assist you?
Iran vs Iraq pt II ? Does this mean the Yanks will let Saddam out of jail and support him gassing the Iranians again ?
Sounds like Local Boarder Commanders playing silly buggers.
" If I capture your soldiers, I told them, I will parade them on TV in front of the entire world,”
Remember their last great Panzer Attack, turned into a reinvented WW 1 trench war inside a couple of months.
There are extremist elements in the Iranian regime that dont want to see a democratic Iraq. The IRG is responsible for the border areas and were responsible for capturing the Royal Marines last year and seizing their small boats. This was a direct provocation by the IRG. If they will do that, then lobbing mortars into Iraq is no big deal.

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