Iraqi Militants Attempt to Kidnap Danish Officer

I couldn't find this article in English, so here's a rough translation:

Two Iraqi men are alleged to have attempted to kidnap a Danish officer in Camp Sparrow Hawk 200km North of Basra.

As reported by the Danish Army Operational Command (HOK).

The officer was in a bathroom, when two men in Iraqi uniform came in. They attacked the Danish officer and are alleged to have attempted to subdue him with chloroform.

There was a violent struggle during which the officer managed to escape.

The perpretrators thereafter fled in a vehicle which the guard at the camp entrance tried unsuccessfully to stop.

The two Iraqi men have according to HOK's information, since been arrested by Iraqi security forces.

The officer has been examined by Danish doctors and is said to be in good condition considering his ordeal

The Danish officer is an instructor at Camp Sparrow Hawk, which functions as a training camp for 4th Iraqi Brigade. Training teams for the camp are supplied by the multinational forces.


Jeez, I bet he needed a quick change of underwear after that incident!

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