Iraqi insurgents offer peace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 9, 2007.

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    What would our American friends lose if they agree to temporary truce (on any terms)? Nothing. But at least some lives of American servicemen would be saved.

    I also think that there would not be any negotiations. It is too late. Our American friends have lost the war. No one American president would negotiate about capitulation.
  2. What you America to surrender! I don't think the Iraqi's could handle that many POW's!
  3. Alternatively, they could run the Russians did from Afghanistan.
  4. Inevitably it will happen in Iraq later or sooner. The only difference - additional American losses without agreed truce.
  5. Of course they will leave you muppet. Christ talk about lack of statement impact.

    However, I doubt they'll lose as many in Iraq and Afghanistan combined than you 'admitted' to having lost in Afghanistan alone and let's face it, you had your Commie arrses well and truly kicked by the Afghans.

    Or did you think that we'd forgot that one?
  6. It is only the Sunni Insurgent who have offered a truce. We will still have to deal with the Shia Insurgents, backed by Iran and led by the Mad Mullah Muqtada Al Sadr. It won't really make a difference. It certainly won't affect the British in the south. The Sunnis don't cause all that many problems in Basra, it the Jaish Al Mahdi (Shias) who are killing Brits.

    The Sunni insurgents are just trying to get themselves back in the spotlight again after Al-Zaqawi was killed. It is the same with all situations whenever they go public. They make outrageous demands which they know will never be met, but still state them.

    I seem to remember in the 80s when we had PIRA on the rocks and we could have wiped them out, but then the Government of the day gave them respite, and let them regroup and reform and we had 15 more years of bloodshed on the streets of the UK.

    Although the Americans are losing men, the insurgency are losing more and they are starting to feel the pressure, keep it up and we can beat them, and then turn our attention to the Shia insurgents.

    Either that or pull out now and let the country tear itself apart and then come in afterwards and help the victors, if they want it.

  7. they are ether being really naive, or they are trying to pull some sort of home front undermining job on our governments. i think they are just stupid.
  8. I think the Yanks have made a start. I posted some weeks ago about the militias infesting the Health ministry and hospitals. Well ABC World Review retransmitted on News24 last night came out with the News that the Yanks are moving against both the militiamen and the junior ministers who are committing the atrocities.
  9. Not at all surprised to see the sunnis offering terms. Are they having a fcuking laugh? When the US leave they're going to get rampantly rogered, and with the possible exception of the taleban no one ever deserved it more. Who in the name of holy fcuk do they think they're kidding? Die, punks.

    Saudi, Jordan and Turkey will soon border a massive Iranian proxy while the coalition sails home under a massive cloud of smug - knowing the next time they won't need to come back as the nukes will sort the picture out good style. If we're lucky even OPEC will fall apart and we can get back to exploiting the bsatards. Oh, this is going to be bags of fun for the spectators, but the aftermath will be less than impressive I reckon.
  10. For one moment I thought this was a serious post and then found it was more of the usual cr@p by the one and only KGB spion
  11. They dont want peace they want breathing room. If they were winning you can bet there would be no offer of "peace".
  12. Or they could possibly want you to stop handing their home to Iran on a plate?
  13. You cynical b*****d, Sir. A very astute analysis. The original plan, though, was to control Afghanistan first, then Iraq, before finally thrashing Iran, trousers down, six-of-the-best. Unfortunately it's gone a wee bit wonky in the meantime. It looks like Dubya will fail to avenge the Iranian Hostages like his many predecessors.

    Top tip - let's test out the nukes and turn Mecca to glass. Hurrah!
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