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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cdn_spr, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. No-one seems to have brought this up yet so I thought I would.

    Usual lazy sunday afternoon, but been glued to sky +bbc news most of the day, watching the news about the elections. Question to the forum:

    Is the success (so-far) of the Iraqi elections vidication of the invasion overall, regardless of pre-war reasons stated (i.e. those pesky WMD's)?

    Will the large voter turn-out, even larger than expected in some sunni areas, provide an example to the rest of the middle east?

    Will it ease some anit-american feelings amongst the rest of the world?

    What effect, if any, will it have on the palestine issue? Iran? N Korea?
  2. The election while very successful is just the first phase as Iraq moves down the road toward democracy. The success today is a sharp repudiation of the insurgency and exposes their argument that Iraq is occupied as a lie. The people may well become emboldened. If there were 40,000 insurgents then why were there no nationwide assault on the polling sites ? This may show that the true numbers of insurgents to be alot less or less committed to their cause. The next big election will happen in December I believe when a new government will be voted into office.
  3. The election process is just one stage in a long process. Nothing can be call success or failure at this stage. Next worry is what the newly-elected do. Decisions actioned or just a talking shop slagging off the other sides? There may be more of a joint turn out for the next election depending on what happens with the new Iraqi powers in charge. Any future also depends on presence of coalition troops or not.
  4. Dont know about a full vindication of the conflict, but I can foresee a certain PM stepping out from No10 to beam a smile and pass comment on it's (the election's) success. No doubt utilising it for his own devices with regards to 'clearing' his and his buddy in the US's concience.

    Good to see that those voting from the UK managed to get a scuffle in, or three... :roll:
  5. The best voter turnut in the US was in 1960 with 63%. What's the best in the UK ?
  6. I bet the turnout wasn't a patch on the old elections under Saddam, of 99.99% :wink:
  7. Thanks for the CIA and STATE/USAID view Tom. Now what do the Iraqi people think?

    Some interesting percentage figures given by the election spokesmen in Iraq , I wonder how they managed the breakdowns of voter profile so quickly?

    I find that figure alarmingly low!

    And I doubt it will get better if they continue to allow voting to be dogged by anti coalition demonstrations led by Non Iraqi people and organisations.

    At least they had a good turnout in Iraq, which was very brave of Iraqis to do in the circumstances.
  9. The reason that figure is low is they will have registered on the Council Tax/Income Tax/Nat Ins/Pay up regardless register if they made their presence truly known.

    My last CR said cynic too.
  10. Smells like Freedom!

  11. Seems to have all gone off rather well - a turnout that would make a Western country jelous, and only 28 dead (could have been thousands).

    And plus, the Sunnis who boycotted now look like a bunch of tits - if they whinge that they're under-represented, that's cos they told their guys not to turn out. Had the overall turnout been pants, then they would have been vindicated.

    As for the whole supposed under-representation of sunnis, if they are 10% of the population, then the representation should be about 10% - that's how a democracy works. It's not perfect, but nobody's yet come up with a better idea. What do the european Leftie journos suggest - that the parliament be weighted unnaturally in their favour? :roll:
  12. I love this:


  13. Excellent Torygraph editorial: