Iraqi Desert Boots

Who saw Sky News this morning? I think it was the L I that was training the Iraqi Defence force, I counted about nine sets of British Army Issue desert Boots and brand new by the look of them but the intructor was wearing is bog standard Go-fasters still 8O

What a crazy mixed up world we live in :lol:
I think the point was that the Eye-raqis had British issue kit and the Brits didnee. I don’t think he was casting dispersions about your TV glamour.
More about the kit:

Eight months after her husband became one of the first British casualties in the war in Iraq, Samantha Roberts is still waiting for the Ministry of Defence to explain why he died.

Sergeant Steve Roberts, a 33 year-old tank commander, was shot by an Iraqi attacker in Al Zubayr, just three days into the war.

But Samantha soon learned a shortage of vital equipment may have contributed to her husband's death. It turned out he was without body armour.

Although he was apparently issued with a flak jacket, he was then asked to give it up because other soldiers in infantry units had a greater need.


I am amazed to see no outward sign of the way Samantha's life and happiness have been so cruelly shattered. She is calm and dignified as she shows me snapshots of Steve atop his tank in Iraq, sporting smart desert boots and sunglasses.

It turns out that Steve felt it necessary to buy much of this kit for himself. He spent nearly £1,000 on it, says his widow.

Military affairs expert Paul Beaver, who advises the Commons Select Committee on defence, blames financial constraints for the shortage of body armour which may have contributed to the death of Sergeant Steven Roberts.

Much equipment sent to Iraq was ordered on the so-called "Just in Time" system of delivery.

This, says Mr Beaver, meant it could not be paid for until the government had officially declared war on Iraq to avoid giving the enemy intelligence about Britain's intentions.

"Most of the body armour was ordered and was in transit as the military got up to the start line," he says.

A grand of his own money!
I bought mine from Stead and Simpson - £20. Gave my issued ones to my mate and they fell apart - mine however lived to tell the tale.

£25 to the highest bidder..
My Regiment is my body armour.

Prevents me from going anywhere near a dangerous spot or operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bast*rds

Mr Happy

My Personal CBA is for sale at 750 GBP or whatever I paid for it, find it in the personal items for sale section of arrse.

It'll stop 7.62 short in the very large ceramic chest plates (front and rear) and 9mm/.45 ACP all over. Including the crotch guard. Comes in Desert and temperate.

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