iraqi compo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_grand_dad, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. Looks like iraqi civ pop if thats what they was? are getting compo from HMG now :? about 5 so far,, pos 7 with more to come watch this space.
  2. Glue sniffer.
  3. Grandad - can you expand on what you mean? i am confused as to what the statement means.[
  4. If it's anything like the compo in the ration packs they're welcome to it.
  5. 8O what r u on about you nutter
  6. Ventress

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  7. Sorry,, trying to save time. Was on the vinegar stroke :oops:
    Heard somthing about compensation pay outs being given to familys of iraqi civilans killed during op Telic. Or has this been on before. Meny apologias if it weres my sock :wink:
  8. Feek, I thought you were on about rations !!
  9. I think it may be a tiny bit true - but only if the family member got in the way of one of us.
  10. Link

    MoD pays out over Iraqis' deaths

    The Ministry of Defence has paid an undisclosed amount of compensation to the families of three Iraqi civilians allegedly killed by UK troops.
    It is also investigating claims over the deaths of 13 other Iraqi civilians since 1 May, an MoD spokesman said.

    The payouts were not an admission of guilt, he stressed, adding that all the deaths were still being investigated by the Royal Military Police.

    But MP Adam Price is demanding a "fully impartial" non-military investigation.

    A written answer to a parliamentary question tabled by the Plaid Cymru MP showed that the MoD had received a total of 23 claims for compensation over the deaths of civilians, but the MoD said seven of these had been rejected.

    Mr Price said: "It is simply not acceptable for the military to be investigating themselves and deciding on an ad hoc basis whether or not to award ex gratia payments to the families of the deceased."

    The MP will use Wednesday afternoon's Commons debate on "postwar civilian deaths and military operations in Iraq" to press the government over the issue.

    "In the majority of these cases we do not know the circumstances, or even the names, of the victims as proper public scrutiny has not been possible either in Iraq or the UK," Mr Price said.

    "We need an independent and fully impartial investigation into all of these allegations of civilian deaths involving coalition forces so that justice is done, and seen to be done, by the long-suffering people of Iraq."
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  12. I know off topic, sorry, but who investigates Members of Parliment?