Iraqi civilians win legal bid for torture inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. Now this could be interesting:

  2. Thought Phil Shiner had been a little too quiet.
  3. Good ..... so i take it that the powers that be would have no objection to 1st Gulf War POW'S suing Iraq over their cruel treatment then ?

    FT Lt John Nichol for one. Linky ... John Nichol - Back to Iraq
  4. Don't be stupid he's British we only ever apologise to the rest of the world. The "great and good" who allegedly run this country have no backbone and are no longer willing to stand up and say "**** you we're British".
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  5. Perhaps I should make a claim against the German Govt. for the terrible trauma I & my mother suffered during their Bombing in the war! :-(
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  6. Christ, the QLR must have had more prisoners on their camp than they did squaddies.
  7. Yes you are, you would be entitled to claim a war disablement pension via the Service Personnel and Veterans agency (SPVA), even as a civilian, if you were injured as a direct result of enemy action. :)
  8. ****ing namby pamby liberal fuckwit judges
  9. From today's Guardian:

  10. This one?
  11. I don't which is the biggest ****...the hat, or the little stunner who's wearing it.
  12. Our history of public inquiries achieving outcomes would appear to be a tad unhelpful to the Iraqi cause.