Iraqi civilians win legal bid for torture inquiry

Now this could be interesting:

Over 100 Iraqi civilians have won a UK Court of Appeal battle in their bid for a new public inquiry into allegations of torture against British soldiers.

The High Court had previously backed government claims that an inquiry into whether abuse was systematic was not needed as a team had already been set up to look into the allegations.

But three appeal judges ruled ordered the Ministry of Defence to reconsider.

The MoD said it would examine the judgment "very carefully".

Some 128 Iraqis complain of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment by British soldiers and interrogators in Iraq between March 2003 and December 2008.

Last December the High Court ruled an inquiry into whether abuse was systematic was unnecessary as the government had set up the Iraq Historic Allegations Team to investigate.

But appeal judges ruled that the IHAT "lacks independence" and ordered the defence secretary to reconsider.

They also found that other inquiries had failed to fully meet Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects against inhuman and degrading treatment.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We note that the Court of Appeal has not ordered a public inquiry but has asked the defence secretary to reconsider how to meet the investigative obligations.

We will examine the judgment very carefully and consider next steps."
Good ..... so i take it that the powers that be would have no objection to 1st Gulf War POW'S suing Iraq over their cruel treatment then ?

FT Lt John Nichol for one. Linky ... John Nichol - Back to Iraq
Don't be stupid he's British we only ever apologise to the rest of the world. The "great and good" who allegedly run this country have no backbone and are no longer willing to stand up and say "**** you we're British".
Perhaps I should make a claim against the German Govt. for the terrible trauma I & my mother suffered during their Bombing in the war! :-(
Yes you are, you would be entitled to claim a war disablement pension via the Service Personnel and Veterans agency (SPVA), even as a civilian, if you were injured as a direct result of enemy action. :)
Well, if the IHAT has been declared as lacking in independence, he's been busy enough. It always did appear to be an odd decision to have any RMP involvement whatsoever into any investigations which may implicate Provost, particularly those of this nature.
From today's Guardian:

Defence officials say the judgment has thrown into doubt the entire future of the military police, and that any future investigation into any allegation of abuse by British troops – in Afghanistan or elsewhere – will need to be carried out by another body

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