Iraqi BMP crewguard

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by vandyke, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. For auction an Iraqi BMP crew guard.
    This may have been liberated by them during a top secret raid behind enemy lines, It may even have been prised from the still warm Iraqi head by Andy Mcnab himself, however there is also a chance it was taken from the basra highway by a fat MT driver.

    It has Electrics and throat mikes but no idea if they work.

    Auction ends 6pm Friday 17th
    Money to the Holiday fund

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  2. I'll start with £20
  3. Now that is just what I need!!!* £25

    *not at all, but it's for a good cause
  4. £25?? It's worth more than that on ebay. £40.
  5. Ends tonight
  6. I wondered when. PM me when the spoils are mine! mwahahahahaaahaahaahaahaaahahahaah!!!!!
  7. Last Bump
  8. 10 Minutes
  9. It's all yours Gawanga, £40 to the Fund.
    PM me yor details and I'll send it to you