Iraqi 'arrested' over soldier deaths


Fom the BBC.

Iraqi 'arrested' over soldier deaths

An Iraqi man has reportedly been arrested in connection with the deaths of two British soldiers.

A man was detained at a road block set up by British troops at al-Zubayr, outside Basra early on Friday, according to ITV News reporter Tim Ewart, who is with the Royal Tank Regiment.

Sapper Luke Allsopp, 24, and Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 36, from a bomb disposal unit of the Royal Engineers, went missing in an Iraqi ambush on 23 March.

An Army spokesman in Kuwait told BBC News Online it was aware of the media reports about the arrest and its own inquiries were ongoing.

"Anyone thought to have any links to any war crimes will be vigorously prosecuted in accordance with international law," he said.

Prime Minister Tony Blair sparked a row when he claimed the soldiers had been executed after Arabic television al-Jazeera screened pictures of two bodies thought to be the soldiers.

Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram later apologised for hurt caused to the soldiers' families after they said the execution claim was at odds with the information they had received about the circumstances of their deaths.
Iraq has also denied the claim.


A man "from a family of some standing" was picked up at a routine checkpoint at al-Zubayr, according to reports.

Mr Ewart said the man was brought handcuffed to the local military headquarters where he was interrogated.
His family have been to the headquarters to plead for his release.

"There is a feeling here that this could be quite a significant breakthrough," he said.

Mr Blair said he condemned the broadcasting of pictures of two bodies on the Qatar-based television station.
The family of Sapper Allsopp, from Dagenham, Essex, reacted angrily, saying the Army had told them the men had died in combat.

Mr Ingram expressed "regret" for any distress caused.
Well I hope that who ever did this "interrogation" is aware that if this gets in front of a British Court (which can claim juristriction in these circumstances)  not only could the man be found not guilty due to his human rights being violated, he may also be entitled to substantial compensation....... :mad:



Well, lets hope it goes to trial and we get a conviction followed by substantial sentences.

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