Iraqi Arabic? Best self help course?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by catchyerselfon, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Off to the sandpit again soon. Anyone offer a good cd/dvd/tape type course for me to get me hampstead heath into before i go?

  2. I reckon rosetta stone language computer programs are just about the best if you want detailed study. Bit pricey but worth it.
  3. Derka Derka muhamed jihad

  4. All you need to know is, mister mister water water baby donkey jiggey. dead easy, just throw in the odd imshi and you're set.
  5. Here is some basic stuff spelled out in rough fonetiks:

    Greeting: Salam a la ay koom
    Reply: A lay koom a salam
    Hello (informal): Marhaba
    Goodbye: Masalam
    Go (away): Rooh (aspierated H)
    Come: Taal
    Yes: Naam
    No: La
    Please: Min fad lik
    Thank you: shookran or mishkoor

    1: Wahid
    2: Ethnain
    3: Thelathi
    4: Arba
    5: Hamsa
    6: Sita
    7: Saba
    8: Thamanya
    9: Tis-ha
    10: Ashra

    What: eyh
    When: Imta
    Why: Lesh
    Where: Wayn

    Cant be bothered typing out anymore but that should do you for starters.. use google and you will probably find more. I speak Arabic but it varies from region to region so there may be some pronounciation differences between this and Iraqi Arabic.

  6. this sites alright for searing a few phrases into you mind, not much use if you are trying to be fluent in a language, but for simple common words and such, also it has different methods of teaching, usually memory challanging exercises.
  7. Catch,

    I agree with longwayhome. The Rosetta Stone method is a pretty stepped and understandable language course. Agreed it's expensive, however worth it for clarity and content.

    On another note, stay safe and keep you head down. Best of luck with the tour.

  8. The way things are going, you might want to start learning Persian as well...
  9. Here yer go "be kam fulloose min chen bint segera" useful phrase, it means "How much for the little girl"
  10. Thank you everyone for your inputs/pm's
    Very interesting and appreciated.